Mutations in the Main Group of Kerry O’Sheas at 67 Markers & 111 markers

The main Kerry group of O’Sheas, shows two clear ySTR (marker) patterns: one pattern has values of 11 for markers DYS391 and DYSGATA H4, and the other pattern which has values of 10 for both of these markers.  A very small number of people have of 11 for DYS391 and 10 for DYSGATA H4, and these appear to represent descendants of the “missing link” between the two sets of results.

It appears that the mutation on DYS GATA H4: 11->10 occurred first and the mutation on DYS391: 11->10 second.  Both mutations seem to have occurred between 900 and 400 years ago. Other mutations which apply to the main Kerry Group are on DYS534 and DYS444 (see the table below).

If we look at all the Kerry O’Sheas, the estimated time to a common ancestor is about 1000 years ago but members with the value of 10 on DYS391 and DYSGATA H4 appear to have a common ancestor within the past 400 years. Some of these are more closely related and show close matches at 67 markers, indicating an even more recent common ancestor. A number of these can trace their ancestry back to Kenmare and the surrounding area.


The table is based on the 67 marker test.  The values in red show where the mutations occurred. Note that all the markers that aren’t shown above tend to have the same value as the Kerry O’Shea modal.

Also, note that Kerry O’Sheas referred to above, have values on DYS406S1 and DYS617 which are indicative of being positive on the SNP L513.  The mutation from 10 on DYS406S1 to 11 or 12 and the mutation on DYS617 from 12 to 13 are the key values.

Mutations in the 68-111 ySTRs (markers)

The main Kerry Group has a value of 16 on DYS650 (marker 96).  21 is the modal value for L21+ men and 16 is very  unusual even in L513+ men.  So,  having a value of 16 on DYS650, in conjunction with the other mutations mentioned here,  is a good indicator of fitting the criteria for inclusion in the main Kerry Group of O’Sheas.

Note, the Co. Clare sub-group of the main Kerry Group have a distinct value of 12 on GATA-A10 (which is also in the 68-111 marker range) whereas the rest of the main Kerry Group has a value of 13.

SNPs relating to the main Kerry Group

 The main Kerry group is L513+. As mentioned above, values of 11 or higher on DYS406S1 and values of 13 or higher on DYS617 are good indicators of being L513+. So, the main Kerry group are L21+, DF13+ and L513+. ( L21>DF13>L513).

Big Y Results for Members of the main Kerry Group

The BIG Y product uses next-generation sequencing to reveal genetic variations across the Y-Chromosome. Its main goal is to find SNPs.  These may be known SNPs or “novel”  SNPs, some of  which may be of use in delineating lineages. The Big Y is of  great interest to genetic genealogy researchers and as more and more people test, the SNPs being discovered are helping to subdivide lineages in quite recent times.


Diagram courtesy of Alex Williamson on Big Y Tree

The above diagram (updated December 2017) includes the results for eight men who are in the main Kerry group of O’Sheas: Moody (#17552), O’Shea (#177781), Shea (#111318), Shaw (#277838), O’Shea (#371016), O’Shea (#15527), Shea (#34730) and O’Se (371055). We believe that BY402 SNPs is likely to be present in all O’Sheas in the main L513+ Kerry subgroup. O’Shea (#371016), O’Se (#371055) and O’Shea (#15529) represent the Co. Clare subgroup in the main Kerry Group while Shea (111318)and Shaw (#277838) represent a Kenmare cluster.

The Big Y test is helping to give a more precise way of categorizing yDNA lineages. BY402-BY408 are useful SNPs to test on if you think you may be a Kerry O’Shea who fits into the main Kerry Group. Also, note that the R1b SNP Pack: R1b-S6365 contains the SNPs relevant to the L513+ Kerry O’Sheas.

Updated Dec. 2017