O’Shea yDNA Project results

Here is a link to the O’Shea yDNA Project results presented on the Family Tree DNA website: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/oshea/default.aspx?section=yresults

Several members of the O’Shea yDNA Project have done SNP tests to help identify which which branch of the y-haplotree, their results are on. Some members have done Big Y testing.

Project members considering testing on SNPs are strongly advised to contact one of the project administrators, who will give guidance on which test would be most beneficial. SNP tests are now $39 each (as of September 2016).

Here is a link to a diagram showing the SNPs relevant to to the L21/DF13 Groups in the O’Shea yDNA Project:

SNPs relevant to O’Shea L21/DF13 Groups in Project Results Chart

The main Kerry Group of O’Shea yDNA results is Group 01. Analysis is at Mutations in the Main Group of Kerry o’Sheas

The Tipperary/Kilkenny Group is Group 02. Members have a value of 13 at DYS426 which is off modal for L21+ people. This group has tested positive on L1066 (L21>DF13>Z253>L1066>CTS(881). Here is a link to an article on Tipperary/Kilkenny O’Sheas

The NW Cork/Clondrohid Group is Group 03. This group is confirmed to be Z255+ and  L159.2- (L21>DF13>Z255). One member also did a DYS464X test and represents this group in the 464ccgg Project.

A second Kerry Group (Kerry 04) which shows results for O’Sheas who are from Dingle, Killarney and NW Cork. This group is confirmed to be L1066+ (L21>DF13>Z253>L1066).

Data obtained from the Ireland yDNA Project must be attributed to the testees, project, project administrators, and Family Tree DNA as outlined in the Creative Commons License. Please notify the administrators when using data for public or private research.

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yDNA results can be compared to others at YSearch. Ysearch is very useful, so make sure you upload your results to it to compare results with others. This is particularly interesting to see how your results compare with people in your yDNA Project and others who are not in your own project or who are using a different testing company.

Family Tree DNA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has useful information and covers many topics which might be of interest.


Anthropologists classify the Y-chromosome into branches called Haplogroups or clades. Letters, such as J, Q, R etc classify Y-chromosome haplogroups on the yHaplotree. Haplogroups are subdivided into smaller groups or clades. For example, Haplogroup R is divided into “R1a” and “R1b” and R1b is further divided into R1b1 and so on.

SNP Testing

When you test your yDNA using the standard y-STR markers, your y-haplogroup can usually be predicted. Once your y-haplogroup is predicted, you can then use  SNP testing to learn more about where your results fit on the y-haplotree.

Here are links to various useful sites:

ISOGG yDNA Hapogroup Tree

Eupedia European Haplogroups and Subclades