O’Shea Research Data

Below will be the files containing O’Shea/Shee related genealogical information. The information in these files has been put together for this for this site by O’Sheas who are actively doing genealogy. Thank you to those who have contributed information. It is hoped that it will help others in their research. If you have any comments or data you would like to add, please contact us using one of the email addresses on the home page.

Emigrant Bank Accounts
New York Emigrant Bank Accounts
Maps showing Freeholders in parts of Kerry circa 1600 (from Carew MSS)

Map of County Tipperary showing Baronies

Map of County Kerry showing Baronies (from Index of O’Kief, Coshe Mange)

Map of County Cork showing Baronies (from Index of O’Kief, Coshe Mange)

Map of County Waterford showing the Baronies
Townlands of Kerry
PRONI – Some Shea Leases
Kerry Land Commission – Iveragh Shea tenants
Evicted Tenants in 1907
Flax growers in 1796
Business and Trade
Shee merchants in the 16th Century, trading between Ireland and Bristol, UK.
Shees/Sheas who were sovereigns of Kilkenny
References from Religious Sources
Mentions of O’Shea (and other forms of the surname) in the Papal register in the Fifteenth Century
Shea and Shees who converted to the Anglican Church in period 1703-1839
Oaths of Allegiance and Catholic Qualification Rolls
List of student Priests and those who were ordained in Maynooth, 1795-1895
Deeds, Wills, Burials
Registry of Deeds: Shea (etc.) as grantors 1708-1799
Index of Wills (Part 1) – Dioceses of Ireland
Index of Wills (Part 2) – Carrigan Manuscripts
Index of Wills (Part 3) – Prerogative, Ireland
Index of Wills (Part 4) – Cork & Ross
Index of Wills (Part 5) – Cloyne
Index of Wills (Part 6) – Ardfert & Aghadoe
Misc. Wills
Abstracts of Kerry Wills 1858-1900
Abstracts of Cork Wills 1858-1900
Betham’s Will Abstracts for Shea and Shee
Wills from the Prerogative Canterbury Courts
Burials of Sheas & Shees in St. Anne’s, Shandon, Cork City
Shea and O’Shea transcriptions from Dromod (Old) Graveyard, Iveragh
Shea and O’Shea transcriptions from Dromod (New) Graveyard, Iveragh
Marriage Licence Bonds
Marriage Licence Bonds – Sheas and Shees for Cork & Ross and Cloyne Dioceses in Co. Cork
Marriage Licence Bonds – Sheas and Shees for Cashel & Emly Diocese
Prerogative Marriage Licence Bonds – Sheas
Marriage Licence Bonds for Ossory Diocese
Marriage Licence Bonds – Waterford and Lismore
Marriage Licence Bonds – Dublin
Newspaper references
Newspaper References for Cork and Limerick
Fiants and Annals and Manuscripts
Fiants issued by the Tudor Monarchs 1521-1603 referring to Shee, Shethe Shea etc
References to O’Sheas, Shees etc. in R. J. Hayes Manuscript Sources
Extracts from Various Annals relating to the Corcu Duibhne, O’Sheas, Falveys, Ui Rathach
Census and Census Substitutes
Census for 1659 showing Shea, O’Shea and Shee Surnames for Selected Counties
Shea and O’Shea names on Griffith’s Valuations for Kerry
Griffith’s Valuations for Kerry, ordered by first name
Number of Sheas in Kerry Baronies – 1659 v 1852
USA Census for 1850 for Shea and variant Surnames
1835 Census for part of the Dingle Peninsula
Early 17th Misc. Records
Hearth Rolls for County Kilkenny 1662
References to people/land in 17th Century (O’Harte)
Trinity College, Kings Inns and English Law Inns
Shea, O’Shea and Shee entries in the Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867
Shea, O’Shea and Shee entries in the English Law Inns
A List of Sheas and Shees who were at Trinity College, Dublin between 1595 and 1860
Macroom Poor Law District, Co. Cork – Births and deaths
Births – Macroom Poor Law District and Millstreet Poor Law District (both 1864-1874)
Deaths – Macroom Poor Law District and Millstreet Poor Law District, Co Cork: Deaths 1864-1921
Military and Police References
Sheas & Shees who served in European armies (Wild Geese)
Military references to the surname Shea (and variants)
Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) Index for “Shea” and “O’Shea”
Cork City Directories
Lists of Sheas (and O’Shea) from Cork City Directories
Some O’Shea Poets and Writers
poets_writersSome Literary O’Shea men and women
County Kilkenny Data
Kilkenny County data courtesy of Phillip Michael O’Shea