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Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

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  1. John Phillips says:

    Are you or do you know any descendants of James and Sarah O’Shea who were married on 30th December 1893 at Holy Trinity Church in Windsor Berks and who had a son James who was killed in action on HMS Black Prince on 31st May 1916 aged 21 they also had a daughter Grace Maud who died in 1901 aged 5 and another son Tom who I think was born in 1901 /02 in windsor James and sarah lived at 36 South Place Windsor please e-mail at johnphillips.231949@gmail.com if you can help, I have war medals for both james senior and james junior that need to be back with the family. I look forward to hearing from someone soon Kind regards John

  2. Maureen Shea says:

    Dennis Francis Shea was born 20 July 1839 in Killarney, County Kerry to Michael Shea and Mary Sheehan. He had at least one sibling, Cornelius who perhaps lived from 1828-1904? I’ve got Dennis being naturalized 25 January 1871 in Worcester, Massachusetts, yet married to Mary Myers 12 February 1862 (also in Worcester).

    It looks like Dennis & Mary had 2 Ellens as well as Michael, Mary Elizabeth, Dennis and Cornelius (all born in Worcester).

    Ring any bells with anyone?

  3. Michael O'Shea says:

    Hello my name Is Michael O’Shea and my ancestor Cornelius James O’Shea came to the USA around 1887 and became a Dallas Policeman in Texas in 1896 and I know he came from Caherciveen,County Kerry he was born in March 1867 and had a sister that lived in Fair Green as I have letters dating from the late 1920’s I have not been able to locate any information on his parents or family that remained in Ireland so anyone that might have any info I would appreciate it.

  4. Kathleen O'Shea says:

    My grandfather was born Morty Shea in 1872, son of Florence Shea & Mary Shea of Cummers East in House #4. He had older siblings Mary (1854), James (1857), Margaret (1859), John (1861),Patrick (1864), Dora (1865), Florence (1868-69), Ann (Nancy) (1870) and Daniel (1876). Other than Morty, the only sibling I heard came to the US was his sister Dora.. Patrick stayed in Ireland living in Cummers EAst with his wife Johanna Sullivan Shea and their 10 children.
    If any one knows anything about the Shea family, I would appreciate it. Thnx

  5. Don Humphreys says:

    My great grandfather Thomas Shea, born near Waterville, County Kerry December 23, 1835 (History of the Catholic Church in Indiana (1898) (online) is the son of Michael Shea, who, according to he same source, was born September 29, 1781, also in County Kerry. According to that source he was acquainted with Daniel O’Connell during their school years in Caherciveen. Michael married Joanna Tehan in Ireland and had 5 children, Four children as well as Michael emigrated to the U.S. in the 1860s. Michael Shea lived to be 117 according to an obituary of 1899 which was widely published in the U.S. the History of the Catholic Church in Indiana states that Michael’s father lived to be 104 and his grandfather 114.

    It is not clear that Michael Shea’s birthdate can be authenticated (not that of his father or grandfather) but if true there is alot of longevity among the Sheas.

    Don Humphreys

  6. Marg Flan says:

    Margaret O’Shea Jordan You said you visited an uncle Jim Breen was that in Kilbrin Co Cork, because my g grandmother Catherine Breen came from Kilbrin Co Cork but I am not able to find any Breen relation in Kilbrin Co Cork
    Marg Flan

    • oshea says:

      Hi Marg,

      I think you must be confusing me with someone else. I have never visited a Jim Breen in Kilbrin or anywhere else.

      Margaret Jordan

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