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Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

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  1. DeAnne O'Shea -Green says:

    Hi Margaret,

    My name is Kellie DeAnne O’Shea. I am interested in researching my family heritage and you guys seem to have it well underway.

    My Father and Mother were both born in Mobile, AL. I am curious to know and have not been able to find out what indian tribe we are part of but have been told a local tribe of Alabama. No one seems to know.

    251 751-0683
    Thank you!



  2. oshea says:

    Hi DeAnne,

    Perhaps a Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA (www.familytreedna.com) might help but I am not familiar with how you find out which Indian tribe you are part of.

    Good luck with your research.

    Margaret Jordan

  3. Sue says:

    Greetings from Canada.

    I’m looking for more information on Daniel Shea – born 1786. Married Mary Purcell in 1815 in Dublin at St. Michans, and according to the birth locations of thier children emigrated to Canada around 1827. Settling in Lambton County Ontario. Their children, Daniel, Patrick, Ann, Eliza, and Margaret all have Ireland as place of birth on the Canadian records I’ve found. Catherine, Mary, William and Peter all list Canada as birthplace. The only information I have on Daniel’s ancestry is that his tombstone reads ” A native of Limerick Ireland”.

    Any threads of information appreciated.


  4. Patricia Shay says:

    I am quite sure that my Shea connection is Cornelius Shea who lived in Perry, Mercer County, Pennsylvania in 1870. He was born in the Irish Free State in 1832 or close. He was married to Mary Ellen Curran, who was also born in the Irish Free State in 1831. Her parents were Daniel Curran and Mary Ellen Sullivan (this information was on her death certificate). I do not know when or how Cornelius and Mary Ellen arrived in the US. I do know that on the 1870 Census form, their oldest son, John, was said to have been born in Maine in 1851. The rest of their six children were born in Pennsylvania. Any information and/or leads would be appreciated!

  5. Emma says:

    Hi there, I have a Denis/Dennis Shea/O’Shea in St Pancras, London in 1861 with wife Bridget. Denis is born abt 1836. He has lodgers- his sister Margaret who is married to James Shannon. Census records suggest Margaret Shea Shannon is from Limerick so I guess her brother Denis is too. Denis’ kids are Dennis, Bridget, James, John, Mary and Katrine. John marries Louise Arthurs and Johanna marries James Leslie. I’d like to find out more on this family especially where in Limerick they come from.

  6. Jacquie Youngs says:


    I’m looking for anyone who might know any O’Shea’s from Muckera/Loughavaoul//Glengarriff area of Cork. My grandmother was Katie (Katherine) O’Shea & she had sisters called Nora, Margaret, Julia, Mary, Ellen, Brigid & Johanna and brothers Patrick, Michael & Daniel. Her parents were Patrick O’Shea & Mary O’Sullivan. My grandmother was born in 1885. She married my grandfather Jeremiah O’Mahony and died when my mum was 2 1/2 in 1926.
    Thanks in advance


    • kathleen preusser says:

      HI Jacqui
      Your grandmother and my grandmother were sisters— she was Johanna who left Ireland maybe 1928 or 1928. Johanna’s brother Jim (james?) had left before her and sent money back for her to come to USA. Please email me — I have some info on family and it would be nice to connect. My name is Kathleen Preusser , I’m in Reston VA- -My mother was Joan Buckley and they lived in Connecticut.


  7. Hi Margaret,
    I note that you have a Patrick Murtagh md an O’Shea. I’m managing FTDNA kit 361394 with 67-marker panel results for George Murtagh, whose earliest is James Robert Murtagh b 1780 Fermanagh, Northern Ireland and d 14 Jan 1835 Ireland. He md Mary Murphy (1790-before 1835). Got any ideas about how James fits into the Murtagh clan. The administrator of the Murtey/Murty surname project says he will change the project name to Murtagh, since it is the prime variant. Only 4 have swabbed under this surname!!!! I thought it more popular?

  8. Sandra Tamburini says:

    My Johanna Shea/Shay/O’shea/O’shay was born in 1838in Kikenny Ireland her father’s name was Michael Shay farmer from Kilkenny with unknown mother. She migrated to SA around 1855. She married in Clare South Australia 1858-1859 stating place of residence as Kooringa South Australia which is now called Burra (Johanna married a John Bentley mounted police officer from London father James mother Elizabeth Chatterton). There is no record of this marriage-(she actually married a Thomas castle from Kent, England same marriage details). I think John Bentley used the bogus name of Thomas Castle because John Bentley’s family were strict Methodists and may not have approved of John marrying Catholic Johanna?
    Johanna did leave SA with John Bentley in 1859 and settled with him in Katoomba NSW here they had 10 children.
    Johanna’s father is listed as O’shay on Johanna’s husbands death certificate 1881, O’shea on Johanna’s sons marriage certificate 1911, Shay on Johanna’s sons birth certificate 1869, O’shea on Johanna’s sons death certificate 1943, and Shay on Johanna’s marriage certificate 1858 (to Thomas Castle). Her father Michael farmer from Kilkenny is listed on Johanna’s death certificate 1918 (mother unknown) as O’shay and on her marriage certificate 1858 (to Thomas Castle) as Michael Shay. She was born in Kilkenny 1838 and is buried in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains of NSW. She stayed with John Bentley in Mount Victoria (in the Blue Mountains of NSW) after leaving South Australia 1859. The Bentley family did not know what happened to their son John, he seemed to disappear! Interestingly there was a Luke Shea who also came out on the Cheapside (the same ship and journey as the James and son John Bentley family).

    Also I have found a article about a shipwreck which occurred in 1855 where my Johanna was rescued by John Bentley (then a mounted police officer in South Australia) John’s family resided Burra/Kooringa. When Johanna immigrated from Kilkenny to South Australia.

    I think the ship was called the “Nashwauk”. A passenger list lists Judith and Mary Shea Irish servant girls from Kilkenny Ireland. The matron in charge of these Irish servant girls who were transported as assisted immigrants to Servant depots in South Australia was notorious for her incorrect spelling.

    The ships list can be found at http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/australia/nashwauk1855.shtml

    Mary Shea married a Michael Donohue on 12 June 1859 Roman Catholic Navan Gilbert, South Australia.Her father is listed as Edward and his father Michael

    A Michael Shea died 8/12/1877 near Port Wakefield South Australia ref Gil. XS 84/189 with the X referenced name being Michael Foley. Port Wakefield is on the way to Kadina/Burra. Michael Foley 24yrs deserted wife at Adelaide PG 1887, p 18.

    In Sydney in 1859 Catholic Johanna had her first of 10 children with John Bentley a child called Amelia. Unfortunately Amelia was still born. Incidentally at the same address (118 Clarence Street Sydney) in 1860 on Jan 19th at St Mary’s Catholic cathedral a James Bentley (formerly of Bristol Somersetshire, England) married a Miss Mary Coogan of county Kilkenny Ireland. Family descendants of this family had the name Amelia also? Could be a connection?

    Johanna went by the name Johanna Bentley on her death certificate and on all her children’s birth certificates and John Bentley is recorded as the father. Amelia b1859 d 1859 and Thomas 1860 in Sydney, William 1862 and Edward H 1864 both at Bathurst, Amelia 1865, James 1867, John 1869, Rosetta A 1871, Elizabeth 1872 all registered at Wellington, George 1875, Henry 1878 both at Hartley. After 1865 the couple settled in Mount Victoria in NSW. From 1864 to 1874 John continued to work as a mounted police officer in the NSW police force.

    Also there may be some connection with “Archbishop Thomas Shea/O’shea of New Zealand”. He apparently visited the Blue Mountains of NSW early in his career to recover from an illness. My Johanna Oshea/Shea/Shay lived next door to the Catholic church in Mount Victoria (in the Blue Mountains of NSW) and owned the land the Catholic church now resides on. Her sons had farms in Mount Victoria also.

    It is possible that Johanna was the daughter of Thomas Shea and Ellen/ Nelly-Miles/ Myles (baptised 9 Sep 1838) address White Lane parish Callan. County Kilkenny Roman catholic, informant Thomas Shea and Mary Shea. Thomas may have also been called Michael? (This family is related to Archbishop Thomas Oshea of New Zealand).

    My Johanna’s certificates all indicate she was born 1838/9 in Kilkenny. She is also recorded on all certificates as Johanna “Maria” Shea/Shay/Oshea.

    I have located a Whitesland/ Callan family of Thomas Shea and Ellen Miles about 1820
    Whitesland Kilkenny

    The children of Thomas Shea and Nelly Miles were;

    1822 Robert sp Ellen Shea
    1823 Catherine sp John and Bridget Miles (A Catherine Shea married a Thomas Keefe in Whitesland in 1857,the witness was a Mary Ann Miles )
    1825 James sp Margaret and Mary Miles
    1827 John Patrick Miles and Bridget Cody
    1829 Edmund (Jan 18) sp Edmund Shea and Judith Miles (possibly named after an Uncle Edmund Shea).
    Edmund went to USA/Canada in search for Gold before 1865 (arrived 1860) and married Johanna Sullivan in New Zealand in 1869 and had Thomas b 1870 San Francisco (who became Archbishop Thomas Shea of New Zealand) Ellen b 1872 New Zealand who became a mercy nun and was an artist and John b 1874 New Zealand. A Tauranga New Zealand farming family. Johanna Sullivan’s parents were Ellen nee Cahill d1865 and John Sullivan d 1869 and are buried at Kilmaley.
    1831 Elizabeth sp Kitty and Edmund Mahar (A Elizabeth Shea married a Ed Laherty Whitesland in 1862,the witness was a Mary Ann Miles)
    1833 Mary sp Patrick Grady and Margaret Shea
    1835 Margaret sp William Miles and Ellen Brennan
    1837 Michael sp Patrick Morris and Catherine Shea
    1838 Johanna sp Thomas and Mary Shea
    1840 Ellen sp John “Larkin” and Bridget Dowling

    Ellen/Nelly Miles had a sister called Judith.

    A Ellen Mies married a John Cody 8 July 1844 in Ballynashig sp Denis Carigan and Mary Kerney.

    It is also possible that my Johanna was actually Judith Shea (as per the Nashwauk list). I have found a baptism of a Judith Shea 4 Dec 1839, address Coula, parish Callan, county Kilkenny Roman Catholic father Michael mother Ellen Doran. Informant Nicholas “Larkin” and Anastatia Gorman.

    A James Shea was baptised 2 April 1836 parish Callan, county Kilkenny Roman Catholic father Michael mother Ellen Doran sponsor Laurence Gorman and Mary Saunders.

    There was also a Larkin who was an informant at the 1840 baptism of Thomas Shea and Nelly Miles daughter Ellen. The Whitesland/ Callan family of Thomas Shea and Ellen Miles had a Johanna born in 1838 with sponsors Thomas Shea and Mary Shea. So another Thomas Shea is prevalent.

    The only other Shea household in this area was John Shea and Mary Calihan with two children Robert and Catherine with the same Miles sponsors of Martin Miles and Thomas Shea.

    A Catherine Shea married a Thomas Keefe in Whitesland in 1857 and in 1862 a Elizabeth Shea married a Ed Laherty in 1862. The witness was a Mary Ann Miles.

    A Patrick Oshea was born in 1824 to Thomas Oshea and Elizabeth Dooley. Other children of Thomas and Elizabeth include Catherine b1823 and James b 1825. Patrick married Bridget Whelan 24 Feb 1868 Kilkenny Ireland.

    Patrick Oshea and Bridget Whelan had son Thomas b 1875 Whitesland farmed land Whitesland Moanmore Commons Callan (godfather James Miles-possibly related to Ellen/Nelly Miles) . Thomas married a Elizabeth Dooley and died 1905 aged 30. Elizabeth remarried Edmund Neary who operated a bakery on Green Street Callan (This Oshea family was also related to archbishop Thomas Oshea of New Zealand).

    A Patrick Shea b 1826 Ireland appears in the 1871 English census Lancashire St Helens married to a Bridget.
    Children Thomas 15 (b 1856 Ireland), Michael 12( b 1859 Ireland), Walter 11 (b 1860 Ireland), Bridget 7 (b 1867 Liverpool Lancashire England) and Patrick Shea 3 (b 1868 St Helens Lancashire).
    Class: RG10; Piece: 3862; Folio: 57; Page: 7; GSU roll: 841935

    In the 1901 census Whitesland Callan appear the following families
    Shea House 2 Thomas aged 29 b1872 , Ellen sister aged 31 single and Edmund brother also single.
    Shea House 1 Michael 55 b 1846 and Maria wife 50 b 1851 and niece Ellen 26 b1875
    Shea House 3 Ellen Doolan

    A Thomas Oshea married 1821 Muckalee (I think this is Thomas Shea who married Ellen/Nelly Miles) and a Thomas Shea married 1821 Graignamanagh (I think this is Thomas Oshea who married Elizabeth Dooley). Both had relationships with the Miles surname and both had a connection with Archbishop Thomas Oshea from New Zealand.

    My recently deceased aunty in NSW Wollongong Australia had the name Archbishop Thomas Oshea in her papers? She was the great granddaughter of John Bentley and my Johanna Shea/Oshea.

    Any information appreciated. Kind Regards Sandra (Wollongong NSW Australia)

  9. John Kingi says:

    Sandra.. thankyou for the very informative info you have put together.. You are so much better organized than I am… Do trust you have some success…. Helen in NZ..

  10. Susan says:

    Hi, I’m 65, my parents Arthur Claude O’shea (born: 1925)and Dorothy May O’shea (born: 1928). I believe my grandfather was James O’shea (changed from Shea at some point) his wife was English, Molly (on the stage). They had 3/4 children? Eileen, Arthur Claude, Mary and ? Seamus (possibly died in infancy) They owned a garage in Kilkenny, and James and Molly built their own bungalow. James won an award for being the first man in Ireland to pass the Pitmans qualification. Possible other name in the family was Malachi. James, Molly and daughters Eileen, Mary and respective partners moved to Australia from Coventry around the 60s.
    If you think you know anything about our family please get in touch 🙂

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