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Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

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  1. oshea says:

    Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your 2013 Family History comments here.

    Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

    • Edwin Handcock says:

      Hi Margaret,

      I am trying to gather information on a Cornelius O’Shea of Listry, near Beaufort. He was a suspected Moonlighter who was arrested on 13th March 1882 in relation to the shooting of a local farmer. He wrote the stirring poem “Ye Boys of the Shamrock” which became the ballad “The Kerry Moonlighter”. He proclaimed his innocence but was sentenced to 7 years.

      Kind Regards,

      Edwin Handcock.

      • Donna McGreevy says:

        Hi Edwin,

        I just saw your post completely by accident. I know who you are asking about. He was my husband’s Great Uncle. My husband’s father was named after him.

        • Edwin Handcock says:

          Hi Donna, I researched the Cornelius O’Shea case from a Forensic perspective by getting copies of the newspapers of the time. I would love to learn more about him. I have a file of the newspaper articles and copies of his poem “Ye Boys of the Shamrock” and subsequent ballad “”The Kerry Moonlighter”. I will be in Killarney next Tuesday 19th August 2014 at the Dog Show. I can bring file with me. Kind Regards Edwin.

  2. Bob Shea says:

    Happy New Year Margaret hope you have a great new year

    • oshea says:

      Thanks Bob. I hope you also have a great 2013. How is your Shea research going?


      • Bob Shea says:

        Well so far Thanks to John Golden I have learned that my grandfather Dennis comes from a family of 9 And his parents are John m.and Julia (Casey) Shea all of Portmagee and Dennis’s wife Margaret (Hilliard) Shea Parents John and Ellen (Sullivan) Hilliard also
        of Portmagee.John has also given me some of the siblings on the Shea and hilliard sideI have also been messaged on your O’Shea blog by Paul Sullivan who’s grandmother is the sister of my grandfather Dennis He is also a friend of John Goldens I have e-mail Paul
        sullivan and opeing to find out more info.as my Ancestry.com well run out in Feb I’Mm still hopeing to keep on track in finding all my ancesters and all who are related in the meantime I will keep my fingers crossed I have still not gotten all this genealogy stuff as there is so much to learn I will take it one step at a time I think I have pretty much become addicted to researching

  3. helen o'shea kingi says:

    Just to cofuse everyone even more with my shea / sullivan link of Edmund born 1829 and Johanna Sullivan born 1834,, my grt gr parents born Ireland marrieb in NZ 1869 my close friend here has Casey/ Hayden mix only recently traced to Ireland..My gt uncle in Nz was arch bishop thomas O’shea..brother of my grandfather John Edward..one is surely slowly uncovering our tangled webs ..impayience can rule too.. Good luck and hope your circles arent too large.. Helen O’shea

  4. Angela Gawthorpe says:

    I have a Daniel O’Shea married to Margarita O’Sullivan in my family tree. They are from Kerry but that is all the information I have about them. They had 4 children Eileen,James Anthony, Bridget Frances and Dennis. I think some of them might still be living in Kerry. Can anyone shed any light on this family please. My family tree is on Ancestry under McPhillips& Gawthorpe Thanks

    • Dennis O'Shea(NC-USA) says:

      Hi Angela–Just a suggestion, but you might access the 1911 cesus which can be reached on this website. Put in Daniel Shea and county Kerry and you’ll get many Daniels from different townlands. Clickon each ‘Shea’ and it will give the wife and children’s names and ages. My Grdfthr Timothy O’Shea had a Daniel for a neighbor for a time in Drombohilly, but by the time of the census, he was no longer listed. Just use the Shea name without the ‘O’, as they seemed to drop it when entering the official documents. (Dennis O’Shea, NC)

  5. Sue says:


    I am looking for the ancestors/siblings of Robert Shea & Catherine Connor.

    Catherine was born ~ 1869 in London, West End. She married Robert Shea (maybe ~1890/1). They were married on the 1891 census. She was a tailoress and lived at 14 Ceylon Street, Battersea in 1891. Their oldest child that I know of was Eleanor Catherine Shea born 1892 in Battersea. I think Catherine’s father was James Connor & don’t have a mother but other family trees have Catherine as her mother. She had 2 other children, Henry Patrick? born ~ 1895 and Victoria Stella born 1897. I was also told she had twins either stillborn or miscarried?? I don’t know when or even if it is true. Victoria was my grandmother. She came to Australia in 1920/21 on the SS Benalla. She died as Victoria Stella Gregory in 1982 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia a widow for 25 years.

    Robert Shea was 28 on the 1891 Census and he was a “Packer Army & Navy Stores Fac L?,” born ~1863/4 in Ireland, Curragh Camp his parents were Michael Shea 1838-1892 & Catherine Green b.1840? They were married in Medway/Kent in Oct-Nov-Dec 1859 Vol 2a Pg 516. A Robert W Shea aged 78 died in Oct-Nov-Dec 1941 in Fulham Vol.1a Pg.375. My grandmother said he was “in many wars & lost his life at 80 years in the 2nd World War 1943 in the bombing of London.”

    I found out today that “On 9 April 1902, Gnr Robert Shea, aged 38 years,from Ireland, 3rd Bn Royal Garrison Artillery murdered his wife Catherine Shea …. at the Camerata, Valletta. Shea was tried before the Criminal Courts of Malta on 28 Nov 1902. His defence lawyer raised a defence of insanity and Shea was examined at the Lunatic Asylum Attard. Shea had never shown any signs of insanity but the jury, against medical opinion, found Shea not guilty on the grounds of being insane at the time. On 21 April 1903, Shea was moved to Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum.”

    I already knew Catherine Shea was killed in Malta but did not know the details. I was told she was “shot by a soldier who ran amok”. I wondered if Catherine or Robert had siblings who’s descendants may have heard of this, even rumours that have been passed down through the family.

    From information & photos I have of my grandmother’s Robert Shea was back in the military and he & his son Henry “had both been in hospital after service in France from 1914.” I also have a letter accepting his resignation as a “Special Constable” in April 1929 in Eastbourne. He would have been 65 then.

    Robert Shea had a brother Arthur Lawrence 1873-1894?(he looks older than 21 in the photo though) who was an author (he used the surname O’Shea). On the back of the Post Card photo is “Lawrence O’Shea”, “Dad’s Brother Author” then “The girl is his shorthand typist” is written in pencil and the number 9098.

    Robert William 1864-1943? was the first born, to William Shea 1838-1892 & Catherine Green 1840-? (m. 1859). His siblings were:

    Henry Patrick Shea 1866-?; Francis (Frank) Shea 1868-1929 (1894 m. Mary Elizabeth Taylor); William Shea 1870-?; Arthur Lawrence Shea 1873-1894?; Frances Mary E (Fanny) Shea 1876-? (married Charles Edward M Gooch?); and Walter Shea 1881-?.

    Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.


    • Graham Kifford says:

      Hi Sue
      my Grandmother was the eldest daughter of Robert & Catherine Shea,
      Ellen Catherine Shea d.o.b 24/08/1892 died January 1968 in Eastbourne, East Sussex UK, Henry Shea was her brother,killed in action age 21 in 1916 and buried in Struma Military Cemetery in Greece, Victoria was my Great Aunt (although I never met her) my gran used to send her airmail letters on a regular basis. please get in touch with me

      • Sue says:

        Hi Graham,

        Great to have contact from you. I have photos of you that your grandmother Nell, and your mother Dorothy sent my grandmother, Victoria. I have such wonderful letters from your grandmother & many newspaper clippings and many many photos.

        You may know Jan Owen, Eric Randall’s daughter here in Australia, as she told me she visited her cousins in the UK about 2 years ago I think. She came here & I gave her copies of some of the photos. Apparently her son Shane looks just like Henry Shea. I can see the family resemblence too in my daughter & I have been told I look like you grandmother. I can see that too,especially her younger photos & mine. I look like my father at times too now I’m older, just some of the expressions.

        Have you seen the Ancestry site for GREGORY, I am Gregory_JAG1 on Ancestry. It is a public tree but I can invite you to view it and hopefully all the photos. I can send you photos to your email address if you have trouble with Ancestry anyway if you like.

        Jan sent me the nicest card at Christmas & said that she sent copies of the photos to Valerie & received a letter back. Cousin Vincent was in Australia but that was before Jan & I made contact so I didn’t meet him.

        Have you been searching for family history for long. If you know Nigel Randall, he has an Ancestry tree as well. I was recently wondering what had happened to Graham & here you are. Wonderful. My email is sjpolson@bigpond.com if you wish to contact me directly. It is nearly 11:00 am Sunday morning here. It would be great to hear more from you. Jan will be thrilled too, I’m sure.

        Bye for now,


        • Graham Kifford says:

          Hi Sue,
          it’s so good to have made contact with you, and I have so much to say & questions to ask, when Jan was over here in the UK she stayed with me & my wife,I also took her up to Liverpool for a few days to see my sister Valerie at the Monastery ( have you seen the pictures of them together) prior to that we met up in Aus in 2010 the first time for 50 years…………I’ll put together an email (when I catch my breath) and reply in more detail to your personal e-mail address,just give me time, my memorys not so sharp these days,

          best wishes

        • Sue says:

          Great ! I need to catch my breath too. This can be overwelming at times. I was just so amazed at the things my grandmother had saved over the years & what a treasure those letters & cards from home were/are. My grandmother only had one son & I am the youngest of 5 children of his first marriage 3 girls, 2 boys. Dad remarried & we have another sister 16 years my junior also named Victoria after our grandmother. There is a newspaper clipping of your grandmother’s house after it had been bombed in the war & a rather long letter explaining what happened and that they were OK. Valerie was a baby at the time. More of that later. Anyway take your time. I did catch up with Jan today as well.

          Take care


        • oshea says:

          Hi Guys,

          I am glad you found each other on the O’Shea blog!


  6. Gail Rich says:

    Here I am at last..and I thank you Margaret for directing me to this comments page. Last year I found an old letter to my mother from her elder cousin, Theresa (Tessie) O’Shea of Cork. In the letter she says she is 82 and has 3 daughters, no names. Her husband Tim has recently passed away and they live at Dunowen on Glasheen Road in Cork. She says her youngest girl finishes school in the Summer. Tessie has one remaining sister living in Cork who’s name is Maggie McMullen and “very much her senior”. I am looking for the maiden name of Tessie and any family infomation of hers.
    My Grandmother’s family moved from Ireland, (where unknown) and her maiden name was Cullen. I think her father’s name was John? There were 10 children.
    The year this letter was written to my mother was 1952 and Tessie passed not long after writing to my mother.
    Does anyone have a connection to Tessie or her daughters or have any information I might find useful in my search?
    Happily I can report I will be visiting Ireland for the first time in April and am so looking forward to being there.


  7. Liz Coombes says:

    Hi to every one

    I am looking for any desendants of Brigid Flynn O’Shea ( father was Peter O’Shea a Labourer) who married Patrick Fitzpatrick 7/11/1906 in Portlaoise, they had 2 children that I am aware of Mary Brigid Fitzpatrick born around 1908 and a son Jim Patrick Fitzpatrick born around 1910.

    It would appear that Jim died in 1926, so am looking for any information on Mary Brigid Fitzpatrick’s marriage / children.

    Patrick Fitzpatrick was my Great Uncle.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  8. I am looking for some 0’Sheas who were living in England in the 1950’s. Auntie Peg (Mrs E Thompson/O’Shea) was living at the Duke of Wellington in Baker St. Uncle Jim was in Dagenham. Uncle Tom worked at Simpsons on the Strand. Uncle Teddy was in Paddington and Auntie Norah (Mrs J Palmer/O’Shea) was in Kent. They were all siblings of my Grandmother, Kathleen Rose O’Shea/Smith. Their father was Michael O’Shea. Does anyone have any information regarding these long lost relatives ?

  9. Victoria Lambourne says:

    I am searching for information regarding my O’Shea line. I believe that they came to Megantic County Quebec Canada, sometime in the mid 1800’s from Cork. My Great Grandmother was Hannah May O’Shea (b.August 16 1882) m 1st Bernard Macguire, 2nd George Henderson. Her siblings were Emily, MaryAnn,James, Catherine. Her parents were Thomas O’Shea(1854) and Catherine Powell(1859-1889). His siblings were Katherine (1847), Maria, Bridget, Anastasia (1858), and Margaret.His parents (who I believe emigrated to Canada) were Thomas O’Shea(1818) m Johannah Shortale (!822-1884). I remember my Grandmother telling me that her Great Granfather Thomas O’Shea left Cork believing he was bound for Australia to join his brother(s), and found himself heading to Canada by accident! Any information or possible family connections would be wonderful.

    Thank you


  10. Sue Haines says:

    My gr great grandmother was Margaret Shea, her father was James Shea. According to a 1861 Wales census he was born in Kildare, Kerry, Ireland about 1845. My gr grandmother and her uncle, Bartholomew, and family moved to New Haven, CT, at different times. Many of her uncle’s family also went to New Haven: his wife Ellen Moran (along with most of her siblings) and their children: John, born in Wales 1854, Catherine/Margaret born in wales in 1858 and Matthew, born in Wales in 1862. Is anyone related to any of these? I has requested joining the facebook group.

    • helen o'shea kingi says:

      Greetings Sue from our Shea line in NZ..Do you have any info on the generation before the ones you mention?? perhaps those born I Kilkenny 1820– 1840 to a Thomas Shea and Nellie MIles Myles or Moyles..My grt gf Edmond arr in Aus about !857 as a miner before coming to Nz .. happy searching.
      Helen O’shea Kingi

      • Sue Haines says:

        Alas I know very little about my gr gr grandfather’s parents, except that his father’s name was Bartholomew. But I must admit that there seems to be some “confusion” about the name Bartholomew – My gr gr uncle, Bartholomew Shea (of Kerry, Glamorgan, Wales and New Haven, CT) is sometimes listed as Matthew. He had a son who was baptized Matthew but I have also seen Bartholomew as his name. I also know that both my gr gr grandfather, James, and his brother, the above Bartholomew, had only one daughter each, both named Margaret. Perhaps their mother or grandmother was Margaret?? Thank you for replying.

  11. John Kingi says:

    Sue .Helen here again .. I see you mention Grady somewhere .. some kind person over the years messaged the following names to me as possible female shea marriages from the siblings of my grt gf Edmund / Edmond Shea born 1829 near Callan KK.However i have not really been able to Confirm this..Grady … Keeffe… Flaherty or Laherty Dalton..{KItty]the parents were Thomas Shea and Nellie Miles born about 1795…I cant track the family after the births of the 10 chn 1820– 1840..until Edmonds arr in Aus 1853 and marriage in NZ in 1869…dont know if they moved within Ireland or immigrated…It is so hard because they did use other known names .. even my grt gf was also known as George guess they wanted to st a differnce to the trad naming patterns..Good Luck..

  12. donnaoshea says:

    Hi Donna O’shea here. Born in Townsville in 73. My brother Daniel Clifford Oshea was killed in 1995. My father Denis William Oshea passed in Connondale march 2014. I really know of no other O’sheas.

    • johnkingi@xtra.co.nz says:

      Greetings Donna.. Helen o’shea Kingi nz here…My gtgf Edmund spent time in Aus before arriving in NZ in the 1850s .. He was a gold miner..In 2006 on a short visit to Cairns I found that there were o’sheas there… I ve always meant to try phoning them….there was a lovely little Irish pub there with accomadation and great Irish music and neat irish people …met some with connections to Callan in Kilkenny where my line came from…Good luck with your searching and keep in touch,,,,

      Sent from Windows Mail

  13. John Phillips says:

    I have the medals and Bronze plaque for an able seaman James O’Shea, the son of James and Sarah O’shea who once lived at 36 South Place, Windsor, Bucks able Seaman James O’Shea was killed while serving on HMS Black Prince at the battle of Jutland on May 31st 1916 aged 21 years. I would very much like and relatives of James to have theses items please contact me at the e-mail address johnphillips.231949@gmail.com, If there is anyone out there who can assist me in returning these items to the family I would love to hear from you. Kind regards John

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