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Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

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  1. Kathy says:

    I’ve tried to trace where my gg grandfather originated from in Ireland but have gotten no where. Any O’Sullivan’s out there? Jerimiah O’Shea(his name is in the Canadian 1850’s census like this) married Catherine O’Sullivan then moved to New Brunswick, Canada. I believe they had Judith, their first born in Ireland as well. She was born about 1832. They came across from Cork area. That much i figured out.
    Thanks, Kathy

    • Debbie (Copp) Rowley says:

      Sorry I don’t have any O’Sullivan, but could you contact me re Judith? She is my great great grandmother. Debbie dmrowley(at)shaw(dot)ca

    • My great great grandfather was Jeremiah O’Shea (Darby O’Shea and he married Catherine O’Sullivan. I found a woman online who has been doing research for years, and is also directly descended from Darby O’Shea and Catherine O’Sullivan. My email is CDaniel@westfield.ma.edu. Write to me and I’ll end you what information I have so far.

  2. Anne says:

    Seeking any information related to the O’Sheas of High Street, Killarney. Daniel O’Shea was a Blacksmith, married Catherine Connor probably in the late 1870′s. They raised at least six children: Dennis (born circa 1884) Patrick (b/c 1885) Katherine (b 1891), Eileen (b/c 1897) and twin boys Daniel and Michael/Mackey (b/c 1900). At least Katherine and Eileen moved to Boston in early 1900′s. Believe Dennis may have remained, as a blacksmith. Daniel may have become a priest in Ireland, and lived past 1989. Mackey may have been a Killarney entrepeneur.
    Katherine married Daniel Rahilly, probably in Boston.

    • Marie Ryan says:

      My Mother is Betty O’shea from High Street Killarney her Father Frank O’shea was a nephew of Daniel O’shea he was known as Donal. There is a department store in High Street Called M.D O’shea & Sons this was started by Mackey Daniel is a Franciscan in Dublin. I last saw him In February of this year at my uncle’s funeral.

  3. Ann Wise says:

    I have been trying to trace my ancestors. The information I have is my great grandparents are John Shea(Tim) and Catherine Shea(nee Sullivan) of Brackross, County Kerry. They had 10 children, I could only find 9. They were Bridget born 1858, Timothy born 1861, Timothy born 1867, Patrick born 1869, Bridget born 1873, John born 1877, Myles born 1879, James(my grandfather) born 1884, and Margaret born 1888. Apart from having my grandfather’s death certificate, we need to have all the childrens and my great grandparents death certificates as well. We are not having any luck with it sadly. Just don’t have any idea when and where any of them died.
    If anyone has any information I would appreciate it.
    Thank you

    • helen o'shea kingi says:

      Ann.. your Myles born 1879 just wondering if you maybe connected to My thomas Shea born about 1795 married Ellen Miles [Myles]about 1820.. One of their chn Edmond married Johanna Sullivan in 1869 in NZ..She was born 1834 at ?? laharn in Kerry..find they are so hard to track and this could well be a long shot .. Thanks Helen

      • Ann Wise says:

        Hi Helen,

        The only information I know about my Myles Shea is that he was born 6 July 1879 in a place called Brackross, Co Kerry and his parents are John Shea(Tim) and Catherine Shea(nee Sullivan) that is all we know about him.
        As for the connection between my Myles and your Thomas Shea I can’t say whether there is, if you don’t mind me asking what makes you think they are connected?
        I am also having so much trouble tracking down my ancestors as well.

        Regards, Ann

    • Summer says:

      Hello Ann,
      As I am planning to go to Ireland this summer, I thought I would see who is still there. During my childhood/teenager we lived in Tahilla by Brackross Island and knew of an O’Shea family who lived on a farm on Brackross Island. If you would like, I can tell you more. I am not Irish, my family immigrated from The Netherlands to Co. Kerry in the late 70s. We now live in Canada.

      • sharon curtis-flynn says:

        Does anyone have any information on my great, great grandmother Margaret O’Shea? She was from Limerick, County Cork. Born in 1832. Her parents were Thomas o’shea & Grace Linehan both born about 1790. She was christened in a church in Boherbue Ireland

      • Ann Wise says:

        Hi There,
        I am so sorry I have just seen your comment. I hope you had a lovely holiday in Kerry. It would be great to hear from you again. My email address is annmwise47@hotmail.co.uk
        Regards, Ann

  4. Robert William Burns, Jr. says:

    Hello, I am trying to find out what I can about my great grandmother Bridget Shea, born May 30, 1869, County Cork, died Mar. 30, 1963, Springfield, MA.
    Married John D Burns (born Aug. 25, 1866, Suffield CT, died April 26, 1947) Springfield, MA, Sept. 14, 1891.

  5. helen o'shea kingi says:

    Hi Ann.. my thomas shea nd nellie {miles myles] had aJohn andn sometimes a maiden surname became a first name hence my long shot … happy to find all my birthdates for you to see if my John matches yours..The only ge i have in Ireland were born 1820–1840 then i lose them ..Yesterdays Dna result matches my line with a John Shea about 1795 from Dungarvan in Waterford ,, so we never know when something new turns up… i now have to see whether i can work out if they are brothers or cousins perhaps.., Cheers from NZ Helen

    • Ann Wise says:

      Hi Helen, if you wouldn’t mind sending me all your birthdates, then I can see if my John matches yours. It would be best if you sent me an email with the birthdates you have. My email address is annmwise47@hotmail.co.uk it would be very much appreciated.
      Just wondered I hear about this Dna on O’shea’s Facebook profile, what is it all about?
      Regards Ann from UK

  6. Lisa Shea Megna says:

    I have a question about the DNA project, and please excuse my ignorance in advance. I am a female and my paternal grandfather was born and lived in Kenmare, Kerry Ireland. I have 2 sons. Can I get one of them tested?

    Thank you so much
    Lisa Shea Megna

    • oshea says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for posting the question. In order to trace the Shea surname, you need to have a male with a Shea paternal line. In other words, you need to have a male Shea whose father was a Shea and his father before him.

      If you can find a male relative with the Shea surname he would be a suitable candidate. Your sons would not be suitable as they don’t have a Shea paternal line (their father would need to be a Shea etc…). I hope this helps.

      Margaret Jordan

    • Peggy Baker says:

      You can be tested for Autosomal DNA with either 23andme or FTDNA. 23andme is cheaper. I have done as well as a number of other Shea descendants. It is very helpful and can put you in touch with other Shea descendants. Peggy

      • oshea says:

        Hi Peggy,

        Thats great. I would love to see more O’Sheas do autosomal testing as well as yDNA testing. I have done an autosomal DNA test and I have sponsored kits for people with O’Sheas, from NW Cork, in their recent ancestry.


  7. Lisa Shea Megna says:

    Thank you Margaret for this information. I do have a brother and will discuss with him the importance of having this done as well as the excitement of it. He is not “into” researching his past, but I have been exploring our lineage for 20 years now and will surely pay for him to have the test done.
    Thank you
    Lisa Shea Megna

  8. Charlene Erricson says:

    My gg grandparents were Robert Shea (born 1787 or 1785) and Mary Fowler Shea (born 25 Dec. 1796). They came to Canada in 1823 aboard the ship Stakesby with their son Simon (born 1821 or 1813) and daughter Ellen ( born either 1821 or 1813). They were “Peter Robinson Settlers”.
    Simon and Ellen’s ages were listed in the ships records with “2 or 10 ?” next to their names. But most records only show Simon and his age as 2.
    The records also list their place of residence in Ireland at the time of immigration as Mallow, Cork. If anyone has info regarding relatives in Ireland at that time or now?
    They settled in Lanark County, Ontario and had four more children. Their youngest being my g grandfather Thomas Shea who then fathered my grandfather Simon James Shea.

    Thank you,
    Charlene Shea Erricson

    A Canadian land registry record shows Robert’s name as Michael but this was later corrected by a parish priest back to Robert. Perhaps his middle name was Michael?

    • Christine says:

      Hi Charlene
      Robert and Mary Fowler Shea were my Gr3 Grandparents. Have you found any new info. I found some possibilities. There was a Robert Shea and Mary married abt 1813 in Waterford Co., Ireland. Waterford is beside Mallow, Cork. It is a possibility they moved to Mallow, Cork close to the year 1823 and then emigrated to Lanark. I will try and follow more on this info and let you know what I find. I found this info on the site http://www.rootsireland.ie.

    • Christine Shea Ghesquire says:

      Hi Charlene
      We have had contact and shared info before. I noticed you mention a land registry record which shows Robert’s name as Michael and later corrected back to Robert. Do you have a copy of this. I would surely love to see a copy of this. Also I now have some new info for Robert and Mary’s son Robert- his spouse Catherines will and some land documents and census. Don’t think I sent it your way. Let me know via my email chris.ghesquire@outlook.com
      Christine Shea Ghesquire

  9. helen o'shea kingi says:

    My GT gtgf Thomas Shea born about 1795 and lived at Whitesland near Cappahenry close to Callan KK.. he had i m sure a brother named Robert and possibley a Patrick and Michael… there are graves in Kilbride cemetry close to this area….my Thomas married Ellen Miles and had at least 11 chn born 1820 — 1840 at Whitesland…..I have the bap reords of this generation… but little else they seem to vanish in th 1840’s.. Have been working with aresearcher who lives in the area,,,there was a rev Robert as mty gt uncle Arch Bishop Thomas O’shea here in NZ erected a memorial to him in KILBRIDE CEMETRY…HE DIED YOUNG..my grtgf arr in NZ about 1860 chasing gold after working the goldrushes in Australia.. he married Johanna sullivan in 1869 in NZ,[google Arch bish thomas O’shea nz],Just maybe you may have some info that links to this…our DNA results are on lline with some defined info…an Eilleen shea married a Croke had a daughter …..who married a …Clancy still at Callan…Eilleens father vwas a michael Shea…Maybe our line also went to canada.. just cant find any of them…Helen O’shea Kingi NZ

    • Christine says:

      Hi just wondering if we are connected. My gr 3 grandparents were Robert Shea b abt 1787 in Ireland possibly Waterdown and Mary Fowler b abt 1786. Robert and Mary came to Canada in 1823 with son Simon and Ellen. Robert named his one son Thomas. Also Alphonsus and Dunhan. The story goes Robert came to Canada with one brother then more brothers followed. Robert’s one son was said to be born in Oswego USA in the year 1836. Mary was buried in Burlington Ontario Canada. Cannot locate a burial place for Robert. Starting to think he may be in the USA. Any help would be appreciated. Christine

    • Christine Shea Ghesquire says:

      Their seems to have been a lot of Shea’s come to Canada in the 1800’s. Also the States.

  10. alan says:

    Looking for info on a norah oshea born 1.10 1908,lived in the london area married stanley keeffe in 1926 and divorced in 1935,for some years she lived with william henry davis my grandfather,norahs father was named john,norah had three children my father james davis being one of them all born in london in the 1930s,for some reason she walked out of there lives when they were all children,in 1945 one of her children now 17 years of age was working in london and met her in a cafe at kew gardens where she was working but when he went to see her the next day she had left and that was the last time she was seen,so any info would be a help.

  11. Vicki says:

    Hi, I am researching my Shea/O’Shea family history and have two brothers a John and James Shea. They were from County Cork, John travelled to Australia on the ship Albion arriving in Melbourne on the 14th Oct 1857 he is thought to have been about 20 yrs old. His brother James followed nearly 2 years later arriving in Melbourne on the Royal Charter on the 22nd July 1859 and he was thought to be 19 when the trip was made. Both married in Victoria Australia and their marriage certificates state parents as James Shea and Abby Connor/s (Abby could possibly be short for Abene as John named his eldest daughter Abene) . There are old family rumours that there was a sister Catherine who also moved to Australia…but I have never been able to confirm this at all.

    Any leads to their Irish ancestry would be appreciated.

  12. Jayna Mokros says:

    Sorry if this shows up twice. I am researching my husband’s family. His grandmother was a Shea (Agnes Eileen Shea) and her parents were Timothy and Agnes Elnor (Gasser) Shea. We cannot get anywhere with Timothy! We believe he lived in San Francisco at one time but believe he passed away in Belmont County, Ohio.

    Timothy and Agnes had four children: Daniel, Ron, Tim and Agnes Eileen.

    If anyone knows anything or has any information it would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Claire Jacqueline O'shea says:

    Hello, I’m trying to find my biological father as my mother will not give me any more information than i know.
    All i know is that his name is Tom(Thomas) O’shea, and he had a son before i was born, whom i do not know of.
    he was born early 1960’s time and had a child (me) on the 1st september 1995.
    if anyone can help me find him to get in touch with him it would be amazing, i don’t even know if he could be alive, as he was an alcoholic when living with my mother, he lived in London, Plumstead when with my mother and me.


  14. Adrienne O'Shea says:

    What an interesting website.My great grandfather was John O’Shea. We haven’t been able to determine his exact date of birth as there are no proper records of births before 1864.We did manage to obtain a copy of his baptism certificate from The Roman Catholic Church Skibbereen Co Cork. John was baptized on 1 Feb 1849 so we assume he was born towards the end of 1848 or early in 1849.His parents were Thomas O’Shea and Catherine Barry. Not much is known about the O’Shea family in Ireland all that my aunt knows is that they lived in Skibbereen and were shoemakers, a trade that John practised as well when he emigrated to South Africa in the 1870’s. John married Eliza Edith Alexandria Sweetman and they had 8 children- Richard Barry O’Shea born 1891,Ernest John born 1893,Edith Georgina born 1895,James Thomas born 1897,Norman Sweetman born 1898,Honoria May born 1903,Eileen Mary born 1906 and John Stanislaus born 1909.
    My grandfather was Norman Sweetman and he fought in both World Wars.

  15. Joseph Jon Shea says:

    I just came across this website because I have the opportunity to go to Ireland possibly in the near future. I plan to take my family with to see Ireland. I was born in the United States in Fond du Lac, WI. We have a huge family back there even though I moved away after attending the military academy. Dairy farming is our roots in Wisconsin and still exists in the family there; most have moved onto to various careers since. It was interesting reading about the early Shea’s and how they were experts of the seas with excellent seamanship traits as my brother and I become sailors. I currently work in the Merchant Marine industry and sail large ships around the world. I look forward to reading and researching more in the the geneology of the Shea clan.

    • Christine says:

      My Thomas Shea in Canada was a dairyman. His parents were Robert and Mary Fowler Shea.

  16. Maryse Sagewynd says:

    Hello, I am glad to find this site. I’m looking for information on Willem (or William) O’Shay who married Margret (Margaret?) Flanagan or Finnegan when both were young, in Ireland, and then moved to New York city in mid 1850s, meeting a relative who had gone there before them. I believe Will and Maggie were born in the 1830s, close in age. I was told they had children, including sons, and that Willem eventually had his own livery stable in New York, probably New York City somewhere, and his sons helped him run it, into the 1920s, adjusting for the advent of automobiles. He did not fight as a soldier in the American civil war, apparently, but kept his livery business. I did see a listing in Ancestry.com for “Wm. O’shay” born 1835, age 45 as of 1880 NY census, married to Margret O’shay, born 1937, both in Ireland, with 3 sons and 2 daughters; however, the listing shows the residence as Constableville, Lewis county, New York state, and Will’s occupation as shoemaker, not stable owner. While Ancestry.com’s dates of birth and names seem to match the bare info I have (and granted that Will and Maggie are common names), the occupation as shoemaker and location of Constableville is throwing me off. I would be very grateful for any input. Thank you, Maryse Sagewynd

  17. Angie Brown says:

    I’m just starting my Family Tree and am really interested in this site. My mother, Bridget (‘Babe’) O’Shea was born in Inchiglogh, Lower Carhan, near Caherciveen, County Kerry in 1917. She was the youngest of four. Her sisters were Mary, Johanna and Eileen. Her parents were Micheal and Johanna O’Shea. They appear on the 1901/1911 Census as ‘Shea’. It’s possible that my grandmother was Healey from Over the Water. Mom had first cousins Pat, Micheal and Jack O’Connor. I believe they were part of a large family. It’s possible that a sister of theirs emigrated to America and was became Reverend Mother. It would be wonderful if anyone could shed more light on my family.
    Thank you
    Angie Brown

  18. Richard Smith says:

    I am trying to find information on the Shea ancestors of my friend Doreen Winifred Shea. Her mother Mary Winifred Shea was born at Portmagee, Kerry, Ireland about 1902. She and her sisters Nora and Hannah and her brother Michael came to England when they were young and unmarried. Mary, Hannah (born 1891) and Michael (1895) settled in Coventry and Nora (1893) in London. Doreen knows nothing of her grandparents or of any of her mother’s siblings who did not settle in England.
    I believe that I have found the family in the 1901 and 1911 censuses of Portmagee by finding the Shea family which included children with the above names. This reveals that Doreen’s grandparents were Michael and Ellen Shea and that Michael was a fisherman. The 1911 census gives the duration of their marriage at that time as being 33 years, which means they married in 1878. I have found records of the marriages of a Michael Shea and an Ellen Shea registered at Cahersiveen in 1878.
    By 1911 the couple had had 12 children born alive of whom 11 were still living. The censuses give the names of most of these children and baptismal records give the rest. The children unknown to Doreen are: John (1881), Patrick (1883), Ellen (1887), Bridget (1889), Joanna (1890), Margaret (1897), Jeremiah (1898) and Catherine (1900).
    The 1901 census appears to give the age of Michael, the head of the family, as 40 whereas in 1911 he is 71. Since the marriage of Ellen, the mother of the family, had existed for 33 years she could not have remarried between 1901 and 1911 so I assume this age discrepancy is an error, probably due to to my incorrect interpretation of handwriting, although it seems clear enough.
    Doreen and I would be most grateful if anyone with knowledge of this family would pass on the information they have.
    Thank you,
    Richard Smith

  19. john golden says:

    i think they were the family of john l shea and johanna devane shea who lived just 2 doors away from where i now live in portmagee

  20. James O'Shea says:

    Hi all – I had the prevlidge of meeting some of the O’Shea’s in Killarney – home from the US – searching for their roots!!!! from Cahirciveen to Detroit!!
    All O’Shea’s welcome to The West End in Killarney – http://www.westendhouse.com and start you search in style!!!

  21. Geraldine Stanbury says:

    Can anyone help me. I am trying to locate the marriage cert for HONORIA O’SHEA and PATRICK MURTAGH. From Patrick’s RIC records, the marriage year is 1888. I live in New Zealand, but was in Dublin last year and searched the marriage records – 5 years either side of 1888 but couldn’t find a match. Honora was from Ballydehob. I have found what I believe to be her sister ELLEN SHEA’s marriage details on-line, showing her father to be DENIS SHEA. My father “Denis” now 86 yo, thinks he was named somehow through his godmother, but I would like to prove to him that he is named after his great grandfather. Any help would be appreciated. Geraldine

    • Adrienne O'Shea says:

      My grandfather had a sister named Honoria May O’Shea born 6 Sept 1903. Not certain whether there is a connection. Her father was John Shea(changed to O’Shea). He was married to Eliza Edith Sweetnam in South Africa on 21 Oct 1890.
      They had 8 children
      Richard Oswald O’Shea b 1891 m Gertrude Albrecht
      Ernest John O’Shea b 1 May 1893 never married
      Edith de Georgina O’Shea b 23 Jan 1895 m Vincent Kovachi
      James Thomas O’Shea b 31 Dec 1897 m Francis Cavis Wasefall
      Norman John Sweetman O’Shea b 9 Sept 1898 m Ethel Gertrude Howe (my grandparents)
      Honoria May O’Shea b 6 Sept 1903 m Reginald Garnet Wright
      Eileen Mary O’Shea b 5 May 1906 m Kenneth Tomlinson
      John Stanislaus O’Shea b 31 Oct 1909 m Marie Auret Meiring

      Not much is known about my great grandfather’s family in Ireland and we are still doing research. All that is known is that they lived in Skibbereen Ireland and were shoemakers,a trade that John O’Shea practised in South Africa as well. Apparently in the 18th and 19th centuries there was a road of shoemakers in the town and they were amongst them.

      • Adrienne O'Shea says:

        Omitted that John O’Shea’s parents were Thomas O’Shea and Catherine O’Shea nee Berry

  22. Sandra Shea says:

    Looking for information on Michael Shea or O’Shea ( born abt 1775) of co. Killkenny and Margaret Murphy (abt 1792). They had 3 sons, Michael born 1818, Edmond born 1821 and James born 1823-25. The sons were all born in Ireland. The first I see of them is 1831 in the canada census for Ste Catherine du Portneuf Quebec. I have never been able to find them on any ship passenager lists, I am assuming they came to canada between 1823- 1831. I am trying to find out where they lived in Killkenny and any other info about them. They are my g.g.g.grandparents and I am planning to visit Ireland and would love to see where they lived. Any help would be very much appreciated

    • Michael O'Shea says:

      My name is Michael O’Shea and am a g.g.g. Grandson of the people you are looking for. They were from Glenmore, County Kilkenny and we still own the homestead in Portneuf they settled on. You can contact me at Michael.oshea@oricom.ca. By the way, where do you live?

  23. Alana Shea says:

    Hope I am on the right page. I have started my family history of the Shea family. My gr gr grandfather Edmond Shea arrived in Australia in the 1860s His sister Johanna Shea (married Edward/Edmund Egan here in NSW) and his brother James Shea also arrived in the 1860s. They came from Borrisoleigh, Tipperary,. Their father Edmond had died before 1862 and their mother Ellen was still alive when James arrived 1866. I do not know if there were any other siblings. Unfortunately I have no Shea relatives alive (uncles, auants, grandparents) who have any information. James was the only Shea I have record of giving his surname as O’Shea.

  24. I am looking for an Alexander O’Shea who married Ellen Hussey ( 14th May 1876). I think he must have died quite young because she went on to marry John Francis Sheehan in 1908. They lived in Kerry. Has anyone got any details about this family please?

  25. helen o'shea kingi says:

    Greetings from NZ..Are you connected to the Shea family from Victoria?,, we have a genetic match with them.. My grtgf arr at that time in aus searched for gold in Tas and Victhen came on to nz.. his name was Edmond father tom and mother ellen [ however they sometimes went by 2nd names..i have bap records of 10 chn… a very elusive family so far…hope we connect Helen o’shea Kingi

    • Alana Shea says:

      Sorry, No connection to Victoria. My Edmund’s father was Edmund and mother Ellen they were all born in Ireland. My Edmund married a Mary Mooney here in NSW. He died 1876. His son Edmund/Edward disappeared (paperwise) so I am not sure what happened to him. He was godfather by proxy to his niece in 1893 or 1895.

  26. JOSEPH SHEA says:


  27. Vicki says:

    This is an update to my research, with the help of the very skilled genealogist Margaret Jordan, I have uncovered baptism records for James and John Shea who emigrated to Victoria Australia in the mid 1800’s. They were baptised in the Glanmire Parish in Cork, parents names are James Shea and Abigail Connor. There are two more siblings recorded.

    Bartholomew Shea born 5/3/1833, witnesses John Shea and Bridget Shea
    John Shea born 29/8/1835, witnesses Timothy Shea and Catherine Connor
    James Shea (my g grandfather), witnesses Bartholomew Kiely and Margaret Keefe
    Margaret Shea born 31/3/1839, witnesses Patrick Shea and Abigail Connor.

    Also found further information about the brother Bartholomew who married a Hannah Hayes and had 7 children, 2x John, 2x Abigail, Elizabeth, Bartholomew and Patrick.

    I am very interested in any information if anyone knows anything about these families. Particularly interest in finding the marriage record of the parents James Shea and Abigail Connor, it is not recorded in the Glanmire parish.

  28. Christine says:

    I believe I have found Robert Shea and Mary Fowlers marriage record and also the church baptism for their son Simon. If my info is right Robert and Mary were married on October 20, 1813 in the Parish District: Trinity Without in the Co. Waterford, Ireland.

    I have a church Baptism for Mary at Parish District: Trinity Within (Cathed.) on September 12, 1796 in Co. Waterford, Ireland.

    A Robert Shea born July 13 1788 in Parish shinrone, Co. Offaly. Father Michael Shea. Not sure if our Robert. Michaels father was possibly a Thomas Shea. The names all seem to match up but need more proof.

    Their son Simon was baptised in parish/district: Carrick-on-sur, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Baptised December 6, 1814. Parents listed as Robert Shea and Mary Fouly. Sponsors were Boyle and Ellen Power. Robert and Mary were Roman Catholic.

    • helen o'shea kingi says:

      It could be possible that this family link to my Thomas Robert and Michael and connected to Callan and district Thomas married Nellie Miles about 1820 [ moyles myles]the next generation marriages could be Dalton Keefe Thomas was probably born about 1795.. Whitesland .. Ballylarkin .. Coolaghmore in Griffiths..

  29. james says:

    i managed to trace my lineage to a shea family: Daniel Shea born~1792, married ~1827 to Johanna O’Brien born~1804, they had a daughter Elisabeth Shea born ~1832 (i know she came to canada at some point as she married Patrick Mulligan here in 1854), my question is if i can get any better details about them as well as other siblings grandparetns etc.. i like to get as much tree as i can get lol

    • Christine says:

      As of yet I do not believe I have a Daniel Shea connected to me. I will go over what I have and get back to you. Christine

    • Helen says:

      It may not be the same family but I have a Daniel Shea married to a Joanna – they had a son Dennis born around 1829 in Ireland. He emigrated to the US & married Honora/Nora (believed to be O’Connor) – events not necessarily in that order. Dennis Shea’s death information below.

      Virginia, Deaths and Burials Index, 1853-1917 Name: Dennis Shea Birth Date: abt 1829 Birth Place: Ireland Death Date: 20 Oct 1886 Death Place: Portsmouth, Virginia Death Age: 57 Occupation: Boiler Maker Race: White Marital Status: Married Gender: Male Father Name: Daniel Mother Name: Joanna Spouse Name: Nora Shea FHL Film Number: 2048594


  30. Sue says:


    I am looking for the ancestors/siblings of Robert Shea & Catherine Connor.

    Catherine was born ~ 1869 in London, West End. She married Robert Shea (maybe ~1890/1). They were married on the 1891 census. She was a tailoress and lived at 14 Ceylon Street, Battersea in 1891. Their oldest child that I know of was Eleanor Catherine Shea born 1892 in Battersea. I think Catherine’s father was James Connor & don’t have a mother but other family trees have Catherine as her mother. She had 2 other children, Henry Patrick? born ~ 1895 and Victoria Stella born 1897. I was also told she had twins either stillborn or miscarried?? I don’t know when or even if it is true. Victoria was my grandmother. She came to Australia in 1920/21 on the SS Benalla. She died as Victoria Stella Gregory in 1892 in Newcastle NSW Australia a widow for 25 years.

    Robert Shea was 28 in 1891 and he was a “Packer Army & Navy Stores Fac L?,” born ~1863/4 in Ireland, Curragh Camp his parents were Michael Shea 1838-1892 & Catherine Green b.1840? He died around 1941/3.

    I found out today that Gunner Robert W Shea shot his wife Catherine Shea (nee Connor) dead in 1902 in Malta. I already knew she was killed in Malta but did not know the details. I was told she was “shot by a soldier who ran amok”. I wondered if Catherine or Robert had siblings who may know more of this story, even rumours that have been passed down through the family.

    Robert Shea was apparently tried for murder in Malta in Nov 1902 but pleaded insanity at the time and in April 1903 was moved to Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum. From information & photos I have of my grandmother’s he was back in the military and he & his son Henry “had both been in hospital after service in France from 1914. I also have a letter accepting his resignation as a “Special Constable” in April 1929 in Eastbourne.

    Robert Shea had a brother Arthur Lawrence who was an author and went under the name of Lawrence O’Shea (1873-1894). Robert was the first born, his siblings were:
    Henry Patrick Shea 1866-?; Francis (Frank) Shea 1868-1929; William Shea 1870-?; Arthur Lawrence Shea 1873-1894; Frances Mary E (Fanny) Shea 1876-? (married name Gooch??); and Walter Shea 1881-?.

    Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ellen Shea says:

      Hi. Is there any possibility that any of Robert’s siblings, particularly Frank, were born in Canada? I am looking for family of Frank (possibly middle initial J) Shea, who was born in August 1868 in Ontario Canada. One thing that caught my eye was Robert’s mental illness, as Frank was committed to a state hospital for attempted murder of his brother.


      • Christine Shea Ghesquire says:

        My relatives in Canada were Robert Shea who married Mary Fowler. They had a son Robert who married Catherine McGabe. Your story doesn’t ring any bells to me.

      • Sue says:

        No. He was born in Mauritius.

  31. Sue says:

    Correction Victoria Stella Gregory (nee Shea) died in 1982 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia not 1892

  32. sharon curtis-flynn says:

    My great, great grandmother was Margaret O’Shea from Limerick Ireland. She was transported to Tasmania in 1851,when she was 18. She married Thomas Henson in Tasmania (also a convict) and had 6 children. Does anyone know of any of her relatives???

  33. Gail Rich says:

    I thought I would ask if anyone has any information on the three daughters of
    Timothy O’Shea and Theresa O’Shea of “Dunowen” in Cork who passed away (he) 1951 and (she) 1952. The home was on Glasheen Road. ( There could be a Cullen connection on
    Theresa’s side.) I’ll be leaving for Ireland on April 21st and am anxious for information.
    Thanks, Gail

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