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As always, any comments regarding O’Shea/Shea/Shay (etc) family history are most welcome.

Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

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  1. Susan McDonald says:

    Hello O’Sheas around the world,

    Wonderful to have this blog to communicate!

    I am hoping to connect with anybody researching Shea/O’Shea from Ardaturrish More, Bantry, County Cork. Here’s some of the information.

    Denis Shea (Born: 1817-1819)
    Married Mary Crowley (Born: 1825-1829)

    Lived in Ardaturrish More, Bantry, County Cork. Had several children there (1 or 2 died there.)

    Immigrated with several children to Rutland, Vermont, USA around 1875. I believe they stayed with O”Shea relatives on a farm until they got there own place. Name was changed to O’Shea in America.

    Denis Died 7 July, 1903. Mary Died: 5 Nov., 1897. Both buried in Calvary Cem., Rutland, VT

    One of the daughters Catherine (Katie) O’Shea married David McDonald in the USA. They moved to Cleveland, Ohio and are my gg grandparents.

    I know there are descendents of the other children in New England.

    If anybody knows of these O’Sheas I would love to connect with you.

    Wishing you all well,

    • Susan McDonald says:

      Have since learned there is no “e” on Mor!

    • Joe O'Shea says:

      My name is Joseph O’Shea. My father and his father were both named Patrick J. O’Shea. They are from Thurles in County Tipperary. My Grandfather Patrick had siblings but they all left Ireland except him…Searching for a better life I’d guess…I know nothing about my great aunts or uncles…Trying to find out more…Even about my father the details are vague…and finding info is quite difficult…

  2. Eamonn O'Sea says:

    Hi to all O’shea/shea relatives. My grandfather lived in Dublin Ireland his name was Jerry(Jeremiah) O’Shea. He had 5 children,Agnes,Marie,Anne,John and Patrick my dad. My dad Married Nuala(ancilla) O’toole.They in turn had 5 children.Myself born in Dublin.
    Jerry(Jeremiah)Nuala(Ancilla)Regina,and Patrick all born in Jersey (Channel Islands). Don’t know if it is significant, but thought i would post it anyway.


  3. Mary O'Shea says:

    Hi there all you o’sheas out there -only just heard about this site and on opening it – find your front cover is of valentia where my connections are dad was from here – will now surf the site – but just wanted to share this all with you – oh what a small world

    • Mary: Where in Valentia did your dad live? What townland? Have you traveled back “home” recently?

    • Mary O'Shea says:

      Hi Sharon,
      dad came from the townland of tinnies lower west – yes i get back to d’island as often as i can an have been going back and forth for the last 50 years – who knows one day perhaps i’ll retire back there – its such a beautiful place

  4. Those involved with searching for their Irish families who came to the U.S. through Canada will be happy to know of a publication that focuses on Irish Research in Canada. The SEPTS Quarterly Journal out of Minnesota is published by the Irish Genealogical Society International in Minneapolis. Their January publication includes: Researching around “Irishtown” Ontario, Migration to and through Canada, Canadian Census Returns for 1901 and 1911, Online Canadian Records etc. You’ll also find articles that provide research help, book reviews, and a nice snippet about life in Ireland 100 years and back. Visit http://www.IrishGenealogical.org for information. And if you’ve an interesting research article, they welcome contributions.

  5. Mary O'Shea says:

    I am looking for information on any brothers or relatives of michael O’shea from the Limerick area who emigrated to the USA in the late 19th century

    • Linda M. Shay says:

      I too am looking got relatives of Michael Shay who’s son, Martin Shay, immigrated here in 1847. I don’t know if there could be a connection but thought I’d ask. They werre supposedly from Tipperary County but not sure how accurate that is.
      Linda Shay

    • Jim O'Shea says:

      Have you tried geni.com? you might be pleasantly surprised. I have recently returned from limerick.

    • I have Shea /O’Shea ancestors from Limerick – Michael Shea b. 1815 in Limerick probably around Mungret (now a suburb of Limerick city) who married Mary Agnes Farrell b. 1815 Limerick in Ireland around 1839. I suspect his parents were Michael and Mary – Mary Agnes is the daughter of Michael Farrell and Catherine Supple. (Guess Michael was a pretty popular name) They came via Canada around 1848 with two children Michael (again!) and my great grandmother Mary Bridget. Settled in St. Johnsbury VT and had five more children there. Mary Agnes family appears to be from Ballybricken and Bothermore, Limerick and then moved to Mungret. I have found baptism records for Michael Shea JR in Mungret and Crecora and for siblings of Mary Agnes in Ballybricken and Bothermore. I have seardhed in the NL in other parishes where the Shea and Farrell name occur together in Griffiths Survey but to no avail – Adare, Croagh and others. Have visited also.

  6. Eamonn O'Sea says:

    Hi to all O’shea/shea relatives. (AMENDMENT) Sorry I forgot my uncle Jerry,My grandfather lived in Dublin Ireland his name was Jerry(Jeremiah) O’Shea. He had 6 children,Agnes,Marie,Anne,John,(JERRY) and Patrick my dad. My dad Married Nuala(ancilla) O’toole.They in turn had 5 children.Myself born in Dublin.
    Jerry(Jeremiah)Nuala(Ancilla)Regina,and Patrick all born in Jersey (Channel Islands). Don’t know if it is significant, but thought i would post it anyway.


  7. Hello: I, as well as many folks on this blog, have been greatly helped by the tireless efforts of our yDNA Shea project coordinator, Margaret Jordan, in Cork. The project continues to be vital for all of us who continue to search information on where our ancestors came from in Ireland. It’s important to begin testing the O’Shea’s/Shea’s in County Kerry. Would any of you be willing to step up to the plate and send our project administrator a donation to keep this project going in Ireland, so that yDNA kits could be purchased and used in Ireland? If anyone out there will jump on board this most worthwhile endeavor, I’ll put in $50.00. Any interested parties? Please jump on the Blog. I’m sure there are many out there who will be happy to guide you along. Thank you.

  8. Dayna Baston says:

    Hello- I am looking for any information on John O’Shea/Shea who married Anne Shinners(Tipperary, Ireland), immigrated to US. Ann Shinners Shea died in 1879 in Kentucky. Any information on marriage date and location and who there parents are would be most appreciated. I know they had a daughter in Pennsylvania in 1860 and three more children in Kentucky. Also looking for information on where and when John Shea died. Thanks so much!!

  9. Hello Dayna: You might try to locate 1860 records in Pennsylvania to find the daughter. You will need detailed information in order to narrow this search, family names, ages, towns, cities where they lived. City directories might also be available to you. If you know the father’s name, his occupation and address will be listed. These could be found at the public libraries. Kentucky records might not be available; so often information wasn’t recorded in the rural areas. Check out Census data from 1860 from Pa. as well as Kentucky. Begin in the U.S. and then see if this leads you to Ireland. If you have a male O’Shea/Shea it would be a value for him to join the O’Shea yDNA Project. Good luck!!

  10. Linda M. Shay says:

    Hi to all Shays/Sheas/O’Sheas and the rest!
    I am very new to this…my first time. I am trying to research my husband, David T. Shay’s ancestors who came over from (supposedly)County Tipperary around 1847. David’s gr-grandfather was Martin Shay who was born in 1825 and married Catharine Hayes and both came from Ireland. They came to Minnesota and homesteaded 160 acres and raised 10 children. I have been trying to figure out how to find more info about them with hopes of contacting relatives in Ireland so we can visit them this fall when we plan to travel there for our first time. It is so overwhelming and confusing to try to sort out all of the various spellings of the same name…I’m not sure where to begin. Could someone give me some advice please…I would greatly appreciate it!
    Linda M. Shay
    Albany, MN

    • Stephanie says:

      My name is Stephanie. I am researching the Shay side of the family as well. My great-grandfather was Martin John Shay, which would have been David T Shay’s brother. I am curious to what you have learned so far. Any help would be great!
      Thank you,

  11. Dick Shea says:


    I’d suggest that David consider joining the O’Shea yDNA project. There are several project members from Tipperary, and their yDNA samples are very distinctive. I think the DNA would be able to give him an idea if he is a Tipperary, a Cork, or a Kerry Shea.


    • Linda M. Shay says:

      we are talking about doing that. How many tests would yo recomend? I know there are different tests to choose from.
      Linda Shay

      • oshea says:

        Hi Linda,

        I would advise doing at least 37 markers. You may want to upgrade to 67 later.

        here is a link to the webpage for the O’Shea yDNA Project:
        Click on “Request to join this group” and follow online instructions. A kit will be sent to you and a mouth swab is required. You send it back to family Tree DNA and 6-8 weeks later, you get results. You learn who you match and as more peopel join the project, you get more matches. You can contact your matches and share information etc.

        If you would like to discuss the project, please email me at:

        Margaret Jordan
        Admin O’Shea yDNA Project

  12. Choup says:

    HENRY & / or RALPH O’SHEA family tree

    Looking for relatives of HENRY & / or RALPH O’SHEA that lived in Massachusetts & New Jersey.

    In late 1930’s & early 1940’s HENRY O’SHEA lived in Milton & Boston area, MA and might have worked in life Insurance. Possibly attended St. Joseph’s Academy ealier years.

    In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s apparently RALPH O’SHEA lived in Brooklyn, New Jersey.

    Please contact me. I might have few bits of family memorabilia for you ( found in an old house)if you can confirm a little info.

    Please notate “O’Shea” family in reply email subject line to avoid deletion or spam folder.

  13. Choup says:

    RALPH O’SHEA born in MA may have passed away in California.

  14. Bill Quinn says:

    Hello to all O’Shea decendants!

    My grandmother was an O’Shea. She was from Barraduff, Headfort, Co. Kerry. She was born in 1889. Her parents were Michael O’Shea and Mary O’Leary. My grandfather was William Quinn. Born in Ballykillowen, Co. Donegal. He was born in 1883. His parents were Andrew Quinn and Anne McCloskey.

    Both immigrated to the U.S. She in 1911 and he in 1914. They did not know each other in Ireland.

    I have been very, very fortunate in tracing my family history. Many people have helped me along the way, and to all of them, you have my sincerest appreciation!

    I have identified all of my grandparent’s brothers and sisters and their parents. I am now continuing to trace back to my great grandparents.

    I was fortunate to have visited Ireland and met living relatives I had never know. I plan to retun this summer and will meet even more relatives.

    This has laready been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

  15. I would like to publicly thank the O’Shea Clan for supporting the production of the Annals of Beara by Riobard O’Dwyer. If we can ever be of any service to your clan don’t hesitate to contact the O’Sullivans.

  16. Sarah Breen says:

    Hi everyone, I recently found out that my great great great grandpa was James O’Shea. I am trying to find out more about him. What I know so far is that is was born about 1840 in Ireland and has a daughter named Mary, who married Timothy Donovan. Please let me know if you have anymore information!


  17. Elizabeth Green says:

    O’Shea’s of Limerick, Ireland.

    I just found out we are O’Shea’s (always thought we were O’Days!)

    What I have: Dennis O’Shea – born Windsor, England 1869 and immigrated to Canada (Nova Scotia) changing his name from O’Shea to O’Day. His father James O’Shea – born in Limerick, Ireland around 1828 and died in England around 1880. James O’Shea moved to England (found him on the 1851 England Census) and married Ellen Leonard. Have ordered a copy of that marriage certificate.. anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

    Looking for information on the O’Shea’s of Limerick. Up until a week ago, we have been searching for O’Day’s (with no luck). It wasn’t until an elderly relative told us the name was changed when coming to Canada. Moral of the story – talk to your relatives before it is too late!

    Glad to see there is an active O’Shea group out there. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ted O'Shea says:

      Elizabeth, Do you know if James had any siblings ? Your James would have been born within a few years of my Great Great Grandfather Thomas O’Shea. Thomas had many Sons, one named Denis but none named James. There are many O’Shea’s in Limerick to this day, most I gather from the same small group of O’Shea ancestors that came to Limerick from Kerry at some point prior to the Early 1800’s.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks for the reply Ted. I was able to obtain James O’Shea’s Marriage certificate – his father is listed as John O’Shea. I also have James O’Shea’s British War records. They indicate he was born in Tipperary (we always thought it was Limerick). Unfortunately I have no other information (sibling, mother, etc.). I am stuck but still searching.

  18. Sean O'Shea says:

    I have roots in Mourneabbey Parish and also in Donoughmore Parish, both in County Cork. I am looking for some descendants of my grandfather’s brother Tim and sister Catherine O’Shea. My grandfather’s name was John O’Shea, born about 1852. Also connections between my great-great-grandfather Cornelius O’Shea in Donoughmore Parish. Also connections to O’Sheas in Bweeng Parish of Killshannig, County Cork. Great to see the O’Shea Clan searching for roots and connections.

    • Rick says:

      Hi Sean. I have a great-great-great grandfather named Cornelius “Shea” (born about 1825) that was from Ireland and came to the U.S. around 1847. His wife Susan (born about 1839) was from Ireland as well but I have reason to believe they met in the U.S. and were married in Indianapolis, IN about 1859 and stayed there. Now my family believes the name use to be O’Shea, but nobody seems know when they changed to just Shea. I don’t know if it’s the same Cornelius but my great, great, great, grandfather Cornelius also had a son name Cornelius. There’s a little more info on a post for May 22, 2010 I put on here if you want to read on it. Hope this helps.

  19. I am Margaret (O’Shea) trying to locate my New York family – Uncle John (brother) to my father Peter O’Shea who emigrated to Australia in 1960. Peter was married to Mary Elizabeth Armstrong and had four children, John Alexander, Margaret Rose, Peter Francis and Colin Duncan. John lived in Clinton Street Brooklyn, New York and JOhn’s wife Bridget was killed in an IRT fire in about 1970. Their family was from Bree, Wexford and they had sisters Kate, and Mary (Cullen). Their parents were John O’Shea and Margaret Boland. Any information would be gratefully received.

  20. Barb Miller (O'Shea) says:

    Hi Sean and all O’Shea’s everywhere. Greetings from OZ. My John O’Shea was born c1832 also in County Cork but do not know where yet! still working on that. Lots of O’Shea’s in Australia, especially in 1800’s in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. More of us in SA now too, but do not know if any connection. Keep up the research – great fun and lots of headaches too, when so many of the same name. Cheers for now.

    • Amanda O'Shea says:

      Hi, I am an O’Shea from South Australia. Like others I am beginning this journey of discovery. My father (James Patrick) & grandfather (James Clifford) were born in South Australia. I would love to find out more.

      • Barb Miller (O'Shea) says:

        Hi Amanda,
        Do you have any other names (eg spouses, siblings etc)or dates or specific places in SA? Was your grandmother Maud Agnes Mary Williams? There was a marriage between Maud Williams and James Clifford OShea at Kadina in 1924. Did your Grandfather have brothers named William Ross, and John Howard OShea, and a sister Ellen Ruth? if so it appears that your ggrandfather was John Joseph O’Shea and ggrandmother Louisa Ellen (or Ellen Louise)Hosking. James Clifford was b 1/1/1904 at Wallaroo Mines, SA. hope that is some help. Do you know where your OShea’s originated from?
        Cheers for now, Barb

      • Amanda O'Shea says:

        Thanks so much Barb. The information you sent is correct. I was very excited to get this much. What do advise as a next step?

      • Barb Miller says:

        Am glad it was of some help Amanda. Can you email me on brbrmllr53 at gmail dot com and i can give you some more clues on taking your journey to the past 🙂 I am in SA too as you may have gathered. Hope you realise that genealogy becomes an obsession very quickly!!! 🙂

  21. Barb Miller (O'Shea) says:

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone please tell me how i can find out more about a John Shea and a Patrick Shea who were listed in the Slaters directory of Ireland in 1856, as having pubs at Skibbereen at that time? I do not know if they were both listed for the same hotel or each had their own. I am wondering about their families, sibs, parents etc, in case they are part of the family of my John O’Shea (b c 1832 County Cork) who came out to Oz (per my previous recent post)before that. Am trying to still search while waiting for DNA kit to arrive, while i have time free to do it. Thank you. Cheers to you all from Oz.

  22. Rick says:

    Hi there to all Shea/Shay/O’Shea/Shey. I have been trying to find out the names of my great, great, great, grandparents. My great grandfather’s name is Martin Leo Shea Sr. who was born 12 April 1904 and died 7 January 1954. His parents were Thomas Shea and Elizabeth Shea. Thomas birth is March, 1861 and death was 1924. I am trying to find out Thomas’s parents. It may be Cornelius and Susannah but it’s only an idea. These are my ancestors from Ireland and trying to find out when they came over and further genealogy. Thanks to all. I will try to answer any questions from anybody as well.

    • Dennis O'Shea says:

      Hi Rick-Since you didn’t mention the locations of your ancestors, I’ll take a shot and assume Martin Leo, the son, and his parents Thomas Shea and Elizabeth were in Ireland during the early 1900s. If so, you might start with the Irish census of 1911, which can be found on the homepage of this site under ‘research help’. If you happen to know the county, you might add that when filling in the search info. Use Thomas Shea, as he was probably listed as head of house, and you might get a list of possibilities, but all the people living under his household will be there, so Elizabeth, as the wife should help you to the right persons. And this will also give you the county and townland where they resided. If they were in the U.S. at the time, then you might look to get info from the US census of 1910 or 1920. That might give you a start. Good hunting!

      • Rick says:

        Hi Dennis. Yeah, I pulled a duh and I just realized that. Thomas Shea and Elizabeth Shea were born in Indianapolis, IN. Thomas’s parents are from Ireland but I have reason to believe they met in the U.S.. I know now that Thomas’s parents are Cornelius Shea(born about 1825) and Susannah Shea(born about 1839) who were married about 1859 in Indianapolis, IN. I found that out about a week after I wrote the initial post. From what I understand, the 1820, 1830, and 1840 Ireland census’s were ordered to be destroyed around 1921. So now I figure I might not be able to go any farther back. Thanks for the help Dennis and if anyone else might know of anything of Ireland census’s before 1850, the help would appreciated.

  23. PAT O'SHEA says:


    • chari O'Shea says:

      Hi Pat…My name Is Chari O’Shea and I was married to Michael Joseph O’Shea II from Mobile AL. I am not positive if this is the same family and do not have much history to give you since my husband was killed 3 years ago. But I can tell you that his fathers name was also Michael Joseph O’Shea. Not sure what his fathers name was but I do know that my husbands grandmother did remarry and her name became Vivian Larson. My husband and his father were born and raised in Mobile AL. until they joined the military. As far as Vivian I know that she lived there most of her life and did die there. I wish I could be more help to you. I can only assume that this would be the same relatives because the name and area fits. If you find anything out please let me know. My children would love to know the history of their family.

  24. Catherine Green says:

    We have an O’Shea from Ireland here in Kansas. Page 3 of this PDF of the diocesan newspaper mentions Fr O’Shea on his jubilee.
    cdowk.org/…/bishop-will-bless-oils-honor-jubilarian-priests-at-annual-chrism -mass
    Fr. John J. “Sean” O’Shea
    Fr. John J. “Sean” O’Shea is also a native of Ireland and studied at St. Patrick College, Carlow, Ireland, before his ordination there in 1950.
    He served at Mercy Hospital, Fort Scott, St. Patrick, Fulton, and Holy Trinity, Little River, before his assignment as pastor of Sacred Heart, Halstead, in 1960. He was moved to St. Patrick, Kingman, in 1967, and then as pastor of Holy Cross, Hutchinson, in 1973. Fr. O’Shea was named pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas, Wichita, in 1985 and retired in 1999.

    And from St Thomas Aquinas parish website:
    Rev. Sean J. O’Shea came to the parish in August 1985. He arrived just as the bishop was introducing to the diocese the stewardship concept of time, talent and treasure. His dream for Catholic education would result in the modernization of the school and the building of the “cloister” to connect the church and school. The rededication took place in January 1988.
    Father O’Shea earlier led the planning and construction of a parish church in Hutchinson Kansas.

    • PAT O'SHEA says:


  25. Susan Boland says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m interested in finding out about my Great grandfather and Great grandmothers families in Kilbrin, North Cork. They were Sir Henry O’Shea and his wife Bridget (nee Blewitte) as we know little or nothing about the family history in Kilbrin. Would be delighted to hear from anyone with any info. Susan

    • James O'Shea says:

      I have data on this O’Shea family if you care to contact me at joshea@douglas-esl.ie I will forward it.

      • Hi James,
        My name is David Herriott. Henry O’Shea and Bridget Blewitte were my great-grandparents. Whlle searching the internet I came across a post in which you stated you had information on the Kilbrin connection. I would be very interested in hearing from you.


        • oshea says:

          Hi David,

          My name is Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan. I am one of the Cork O’Sheas who have explored Sir Henry O’Shea’s family history (and admin of this blog). If you could email me at m.jordan246@gmail.com, I would be happy to try to answer your questions.


  26. Dennis Shea says:

    Hi, Sheas/’O’Sheas. etc.

    I am researching my family starting with my GG grandfather, James Shea who came from Tipperary to Baltimore, Maryland. His wife was Catherine Cooper from Waterford. We don’t know towns or exact dates of immigration, but James’ obituary puts it around 1850 (surprise). Not sure if they were married in Ireland or the US, but their church records from Baltimore do not show a marriage, so maybe in Ireland. Their son Michael James married Mary Fitzgerald.

    Dennis Shea

  27. John Winfield says:

    Hello Margaret,

    Lovely website – I am desperately trying to trace Sally O’Shea, a lovely woman who like myself suffered with cerebral palsy. Sally was such a talented artist, who did everything with her feet. We went to Dame Hannah Rodgers boarding school in the late 1950’s. I literally owe my life to Sally, but never had the opportunity to thank her. If Sally is still alive she would be 60ish – last I knew she lived in the Hendon area of London. I am now not well myself and am desperate to tell Sally or her family, just how much I owe Sally.

    I hope I am not too late! If any of you can help please, please, please do! It would mean just so much to me!

    Blessings to all,

    John Winfield

    • Victoria Harris says:

      Hi John,

      I worked as a care provider for Sally in 2004, and she was then living in Edgeware. I kept in touch with her for a few years, but we fell out of touch recently. I’m pretty certain she is still with us, otherwise the charity for whom I worked surely would have contacted me. Her email address was: soshea15@hotmail.com last time I got in touch with her. I stumbled upon this because I was just searching for her now – I’m planning to run the Brighton Marathon for SCOPE and just wondered if she had any stories about her online for any reason. Anyway, I hope this helps you find her. I’ll check with some of her other helpers and see if there is a newer email in the meantime.

      • John Winfield says:

        Hi Victoria, I contacted you some four years ago trying to find Sally O’Shea. I never did find her and sadly am now really struggling with my own care. I wonder would you be happy to give me the details of the charity you work for?

        John Winfield

  28. bob peterson says:

    I don’t know muck about my dads side of the family except that his great…grandfather came from ireland to canada. his name was Jeremiah Patrick O’shea. as the story goes he killed a man in canada, moved to america and changed his last name to the most popular name where he was to escape prosecution…thus the name Peterson. I really want to find the family but its hard because of the name change. Has any body ever heard any story like this?

    • oshea says:

      Hi Bob,

      I would recommend a yDNA test to check your paternal line. You may find your yDNA matches an O’Shea line closely or another surname but in any case, it will give you some information on your biological paternal line. You could join the O’Shea yDNA Project at:http://www.familytreedna.com/public/oshea/default.aspx
      Click on “Request to Join This Group” and we will process your request. Email us for more information and to ask questions.

      Margaret Jordan

  29. Barb says:

    re: various Co Cork – James, Jeremiah, John, Honorah, Ellen, Margaret & Elizabeth Shea’s, and KILMARE Co Kerry, John Shea
    Hi again all,
    Still looking for my John O’Shea/Shea b c1832 Co Cork, Ireland but have found a few in the Church baptisms and ship passenger list to Australia who i haven’t made a family connection to, but which may belong to someone out there in O’Shea/Shea-land.
    1. John Shea bapt 24th June 1832 LISGOOLD Co Cork, RC, Father: James Shea, Mother: Margaret Higgins. Sponsors: Bartholomew Towhig and Abigail White.
    2. John Shea bapt 12th August 1832 MALLOW Co Cork, RC, Father: James Shea, Mother: Ellen Ryan. Sponsors: James Callaghan and Mary Ryan.
    3. John Shea bapt 29th April 1832, COBH Co Cork, RC, Father: John Shea and Elizabeth Chapman, Sponsors: John Geary and Johanna Flynn.
    4. John Shea bapt 8th Dec 1832 COACHFORD Co Cork, RC, Father: Jeremiah Shea and Honora Hinchin, Sponsors:John Delaney and Ellen Long
    5. From (Australia)”Assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney & Newcastle 1844-59″ passenger record for John Shea age 21 ?Railway Labourer, RC, from Kilmare, Co Kerry on HEREFORDSHIRE arrived in New South Wales, Australia on 10th December, 1853. He could read but not write.
    Hope this is of some help to someone. Cheers all.

    • maria counihan ( o shea) says:

      Calling all The O Shea Clan
      Eileen O Shea (Ellen) is the last member of the O Shea family from Kanturk,Co Cork
      She is celebrating her 101st Birthday on 20th Feb,2011 and she is the last surviving family member of the 6 children born to Bartholomew (Batty) O Shea and Annie Lynch. Michael,Eileen,Eddie,Jimmy,BabyMai and my Father,Billy. I understand Batty’s brothers left Ireland for America and Australia early 1900’s

    • Mark O'Shea says:

      Hi Barb
      Interesting reading. My great great grandfather James O’Shea arrived in Australia in the late 1800’s possibly even early 1900’s. His father was Philip and mother Honora Sullivan Dorohy. I believe they remained in Ireland somewhere in Kerry. Just completing my DNA but looks like I have those Kerry links afterall. Would be intersting to learn more about your clan. Do any of the names I have mentioned show up in your records.

      • Barb says:

        Hi Mark, I have only just come across your post (above), so am sorry for not replying earlier. How did your YDNA testing go? None of the names you mentioned sound familiar to me, but we have got my brother’s test results to 111 markers and we also descend from Kerry Sheas, though I haven’t been able to find out when and which Kerry families ours belonged to.
        I still don’t know anything about our John Shea’s (b1831 Youghal, Cork to John Shea and Ellen Barry) siblings’ families (Stephen, Catherine, Ann) or what happened to them when our John came out to NSW. I have also been unable to find out what happened to his parents John & Ellen. Since your message, have you been able to find out more about your James and his ancestors? I have also found a photo of a Denis O’Shea b 1924 in Gympie Qld (no relative as far as i know) who physically resembles our O’Shea’s too, but though i have traced back his parents and grandparents who were from somewhere in Ireland. Was hoping i might be able to find a connection somewhere in the distant past.
        hope your research has been progressing well.

  30. Robin says:

    Looking for information on family of my grandfather Jeremiah W O’Shea. He was born in 1878. He emigrated from County Court around 1900 with his new wife
    Sadie Callahan O’Shea to New York, N.Y. Where he eventually became HeadDockmaster at the Todd Shipyard, Brooklyn, NY. He died in Brooklyn in 1940 at 62 years of age.

  31. Eillen Allen says:

    Hi, I am looking for inforamtion on JOHN SHEA born 1922 in County Cork, Ireland.
    Information on brother, sister, Mother, Father etc. I am trying to trace my Grandfathers birth but having no luck. Does anyone have any inforamtion please?

    • oshea says:

      Hi Eileen,

      Do you have any idea where in Co. Cork, your John O’Shea was born? What was his occupation? Did he emigrate? More detail might help locate his place of origin.

      Also, if he has any male O’Shea descendants, a yDNA test could help find his O’Shea family. We have many O’Sheas from NW Cork, in particular, in the O’Shea yDNA Project be we also have one member who is from West Cork. If you want to discuss this, you can email me: m.jordan246@gmail.com

      Margaret Jordan

      • Eillen Allen (nee Shea) says:

        Hi Margaret. I am affraid I really don’t have much information at all but here goes! John moved to the UK and married Lillian Kirkham in 1947/48 in London and had 5 childres, John, Michael, Paul, Anthony and me (eileen) after settling in Rhyl, Wales. John worked in the mines and died in 1995.
        He had 5 siblings, Martin, Michael, Shiela, Mary and Ann but where they all are now I have no idea.

        is this of any use to you at all?


        • oshea says:

          Hi Eillen,

          Thank you for your reply with information. I was hoping you would know where in Co. Cork your ancestor came from. Hos marriage certificate would have his father’s name and occupation, wouldn’t it? That might help. Also, what age was John when he died?


  32. Kathleen O'Shea says:

    My paternal grandfather was Mortimer Shea (1872-1944). He came to the US in 1897. One of his sisters, Dora, came in 1895. They had 8 siblings. There parents were Florence Shea & Mary Shea from Cummers East. I don’t know if any other siblings came here. I found Morty’s brother, Patrick, on the censuses for 1901 & 1911 in Cummers East.

  33. Alice Smith (nee O'Shea) says:

    Hi, just dipping a tentative toe into the ocean that is the O’Shea family! I wondered if anyone had come across the name Cornelius O’Shea, born approx. 1890-1900 and who is believed to have come to England in about 1910. Many thanks.

    • Rick says:

      Hi Alice.
      I have a few Cornelius Shea’s in my family but not O’Shea just Shea. My grt, grt, grt, grandfather was born in Ireland about 1825 and came to the U.S. about 1847. He and his wife Susan lived in Indianapolis, IN. They had many children but I’ll tell you about two of the them because of the relevance to this. Two of the sons were Cornelius Shea (born 1876) and Thomas Shea (born 1861). Thomas Shea was my grt, grt, grandfather. He had a son and named him Cornelius who was born 1899. They never went to England that I know of but I just thought I would tell of my family’s Cornelius’s. We think the “O” was dropped sometime in the past but we don’t know for sure. I have a little more info on them if you want to know. I just thought I would either be of help or eliminate some possibilities. Have a good one! Rick

    • christine says:

      I had a granduncle by the name of Cornelius. Both his parents died between 1901 and 1911.The family were then sent to an orphanage in Tralee.cornelius date of birth is approx 1895 to 1898 not certain. One brother named Stephen did go to England when his time was up in the orphanage and we think Cornelius set up a tailor’s in Tralee and married.My grandfather died young so we have no idea where the other siblings went to.He is probably not the same Cornelius, but I decided to mention it anyway just in case as we don’t know where these relations went on to etc.

      • Rick says:

        Glad of your comment Christine. The more family’s mentioned with the same name, the better the chance we all have to eliminate the wrong ones out of our ancestry. Since most of the Irish census records of 1821, 1831, and 1841 are destroyed, it’s going to rather difficult to trace anyone from that time period unless they came to the U.S. and mentioned on our census’s their names and when they came over. As far as my Cornelius, the one who was born in 1825 in Ireland, I have no idea how to trace any farther back.

      • joanne says:

        Hi christine my name is joanne o shea and i was looking through the o shea surname blog abd i came across your email i also have a grandfather called cornelius o shea who was in tge orphange in tralee we know ge had a brother called stephen but thats all i know about his family he married a woman called magaret and they had five sons and one of them sons was called edward who happends to be my father he died in 1999 due you think we are related im from tralee

  34. Tom Barnett says:

    I am seeking more information on my gg grandfather Thomas OShea of Mullinahone and my gg grandmother Hannah Rohen, of Barnagore. My great grandfather, Thomas John OShea was born in Mullinahone in 1836 emigrated to Australia prior to 1871 and became a miner in Gympie, Queensland. He married Hannah Rouhen in Gympie in 1873. I appear to have the Australian side covered. Thomas John OShea I believe was the youngest son of Thomas and Hannah OShea.

    • Tom Barnett says:

      I now know that my gg grandmother Hannah Rohen (born 1846, Barnagore, Tipperary) had a brother Patrick. Both came to Australia. Patrick died in Creswick, Victoria in 1892. His parents were given as Michael Rouhen and Bridget O’Mara.

  35. helen o'shea kingi says:

    Strange coincidence..My grtgrt grandfather was also thomasshea from just off mullinahone rd Callan .. the townland being whitesland next to cappahenry..hoever i have his wife as nellie miles[ myles moyles]he born in 1797 she in 1795,,,their on edmond born 1829 arr aus in 1853 to mine too .. our DNA matches with the the lovely shea family from Bacchus Marsh. I have only been able to find one sibling link to our Edmond and that being his sister marrying Phillip Dalton// she was Margaret…the family simply dis appeared from whitesland 1840 ish… i am writing a chapter on our family for a book to be published very soon … have stayed at Moonarche bed and breakfast right there in mullahone rd [[[ please google it to find the true location]The siblings were all born 1820– 1840 that i have bap records for.. happy to share DNA results with You too. Warm wishes Helen nz

    • Tom Barnett says:

      Helen, Thanks for the note. I’m sure my TJ OShea’s wife was Hannah Rohen (or similar spelling) I’ll be going to Ireland sometime in the next 12 months and I’m about to check if I qualify for the DNA testing. I’d be happy to share my results also. Warm regards Tom Barnett

    • Sandra Tamburini says:

      I have a relative called Johanna Oshea she was the daughter of Thomas Shea and Ellen Miles from Kilkenny Ireland She is buried in Blackheath NSW (Born 1838 Kilkenny died 1917) Blackheath Australia) Please email me if you have further info? Kind Regards Sandra Tamburini

  36. Jean Shea says:

    My husband is an O’Shea. When his grandfather’s family came to the U.S. in the early 1900 they dropped the O. His grandfather’s family came to Massachusetts from Cape Clear Island, Ireland. They were fisherman. I know the island is not very big so we were hoping to find out if there were any more O’Shea’s from Cape Clear visting this website.

    We are hoping to visit Cape Clear in the next few years.

    • Pete Smith says:

      Jean, my wife’s grandfather came to US from Cape Clear, his name was Michael O’Shea and they dropped the O as well. We have visited the island many times. I am working with some of my wife’s cousin on the O’Shea tree. Let me know if I can help.


      • Jean Shea says:

        Hi Pete, So sorry I didn’t reply sooner!! I guess I lost track of this website and have just revisited it. I do know more about my husbands O’shea family now then I did when I posted my note to this website. My husbands grandfather was Michael O’Shea too. He lived in Quincy, MA. Your wife and my husband must be cousins. My husband Paul grew up in, first Westwood and then moved to Walpole, MA. We also live in Massachulsetts. We have not made the trip over to Cape Clear yet but we want to go the summer of 2014. If you have anymore information on the o’shea’s we would love it. We would also love to know when would be the best time to go, where to stay and maybe where we can go on the island to see some of the family history. We are so looking forward to the trip. I am Irish as well but hunting down my Golden family in Ireland has not been to successful. Again, thank you for replying, I feel so bad I didn’t check back in sooner. Sincerely, Jean and Paul Shea.

  37. Christine O' Leary says:

    Hi, I recently gained an interest in genealogy, and I am trying to trace ancestors from my mothers side. She had a uncle named Cornelius O’Shea, whose parents died young and most of the family were sent to an orphanage in Tralee.They came from a place called Counrouska and also spelt kounrouska, Glengarriff Co Cork. Cornelius Parents died between 1901 and 1911.Cornelius’s date of birth is approx around 1896.The only information my mother has about him is when he left the orphanage he apparently became a tailor in Tralee and we think he did marry and had family. If anyone has any information I would be delighted to hear from you.

    • Kelly Lowe says:

      Hi Christine,
      I see this is an old post but if you are still looking, I have found on findmypast.com has alot of information on a Cornelius O’Shea. I’m looking for a Christopher O’Shea so I have bumped into his records too! Worth having a look. 🙂

  38. Kathleen O'Shea Purvis says:

    My O’Shea’s came from Tipperary. Part of a group of Irish settling initially in St. Louis, Missouri and ultimately established a farming community called Blaine in the northeast part of the state of Kansas. I have much info on these O’Shea’s AFTER their settling in Kansas but little before. My great-great grandfather, William Patrick O’Shea was born Oct. 1839 in Tipperary, died May 30,1912 In Blaine, Kansas. I will be in Ireland in two weeks ..my first trip..any suggestions re: contact with family while there?

    • I. Watson says:

      How fun to find your message (even if a bit belatedly!). William Patrick O’shea is my husband’s great-grandfather. Did you find out any family information on your trip to Ireland? Do you have a copy of his obituary? According to that, he first went to Massachusetts…on to Tennessee…New Orleans…New Zealand…Australia…back to Ireland to marry…Mass. again…then on to St Louis! Hope to hear back from you with more news.

    • Julie says:

      I have recently been in contact with a decendent whos GGgrandfather was William Patrick m. Mary Anne, moved from St. Louis and homesteaded in Blaine, KS and their grave sites are there and recorded on film. You would be related.
      Any information to post from your trip?
      Thanks! Julie

      • I Watson says:

        I’ve also waited to see if there would be followup from Kathleen Purvis’ trip. My husband’s relationship is through his grandfather, James Stephen O’Shea (William Patrick’s son). Which side of the family are you in contact with?

  39. Barb Miller (O'Shea) says:

    Hi again all O’Shea’s adn Shea’s out there. I have just started reading back through all the past posts to this blog, which will take quite some time as there are so many. We are looking for a connection between the O’Shea’s in County Clare in the late 1700’s and Co Cork in the early 1800’s.They are connected somehow, but we are trying to work out how! Our common ancestor was apparently from South Kerry, possibly mid-later 1700’s.Any help or ideas to follow up would be much appreciated.
    Also re Garry O’Shea’s post on May 11, 2007 from Adelaide South Australia, where are you in SA and have you participated in the O’Shea YDNA project? If not, please give it serious consideration. Have you managed to trace your origins in Ireland? If so i would be interested to hear from you.
    Cheers to you all.

    • helen o'shea kingi says:

      Hi … our DNA result is from the Kilkenny line 123084..would love to share any info .. Helen O’shea Kingi nz

  40. Barb Miller (O'Shea) says:

    re Timothy Shea Ireland to Boston 1766
    Hi all,
    I just found the following in my past research notes, but it has no relationship to the O’Shea/Shea family i am researching. However it may be helpful for someone researching this particular Shea family. Even though its a common Shea/O’Shea name!
    Timothy Shea from Ireland arrived in Boston US area on 29th September, 1766 on board the brig “William”.sorry no other details about him.
    cheers, Barb.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    Looking for information on James O’Shea born in Thurles, Tipperary 12 July 1828. Signed up for the Army in Cashel on 12 Mar 1845 and moved to England where he later married Ellen Leonard in 1858. (I have his marriage certificate and military records.) I know his father’s name was John but have no other information on his parents, siblings, etc. I hired a Researcher who came up with the bulk of the information but could not locate Parish birth records.

    • Paul says:

      Elizabeth, My GGG Grandfather, William O’Shea, b. 1815, lived in Thurles. I know nothing of his parents or siblings. Two of his daughter left for the states and he stayed behind and is buried in Thurles. Willing to share what I have.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hi Paul. Thanks for your reply. Do you have a name of cemetery that William is buried or the names of his children? I might be making a trip there next spring and would love to add it to my list of things to check while there. I have hit a roadblock with James. His Military records show his father as John. I have no record of any siblings or Mother’s name.

        James (my GGG Grandfather) moved to England, his son Dennis (my GG Grandfather) moved to Canada. For some reason when my GG Grandfather moved to Canada he changed his name from O’Shea to O’Day (folklore has something to do with him not wanting to be found not sure why though).

        Unfortunately I have no other info. Thanks for the contact… hoping there is some connection. Where are you located?

        • Paul says:

          Hi Elizabeth, Yes, I know the cemetery he is buried in. Drop me a email at: oldchl@prodigy(dot)net and I’ll send you what info I have.

  42. Mark Casson says:

    Don’t worry about the name, I am an O’Shea. My grandfather Michael O’Shea was born in County Kerry in 1908. He moved to London after 1922, and married a Cockney, the result being my mother. She married a Cumbrian, with a Scottish mother and a French Surname, technically its Gascon. And some people think they have trouble tracing their backgrounds … the O’Shea is the only part I can track!?

  43. Therese Shea Unverferth says:

    My family research has led me to my Shea relatives in County Waterford (Dungarvan, Stradbally, Ballingowan, Kilrossanty area). Anyone else out there with Shea relatives from that area?
    My 4th great grandfather was John Shea, married to Mary Johanna Kane or Keane, around 1830 or so. They had five living children, three of which came to the US.
    I have located a relative in Cappoquin who is a 3rd cousin, but am still looking for any others!
    Thanks! Therese

    • Therese Shea Unverferth says:

      The children’s corresponding names include Quinn, Colbert & Ryan.

    • Mark Swift says:

      Hi Theresa
      I have a John Shea in my family tree who according to his army records of 1881 came from Passage, Waterford. His mother was Johanna Shea. No fathers name on the record – he must have died.. Could it be the same Johanna? My John Shea was born in 1862. Please get in touch.

  44. Helen King (O'Shea) says:

    Hi to everybody. My O’Shea family came to Victoria Australia via California in the 1800’s. My grandfather was James O’Shea (dec 1960) at Wandiligong. Buried in Bright cemetery. Other relatives are buried in the Buckland cemetery. My father was Patrick Francis O’Shea dec 25/12/2008.

    • helen o'shea kingi says:

      Hi Helen ,, I really did need to look twice,,My Edmund Shea also went to victoria we think via the US in about 1853…he married johanna Sullivan here in Nz in 1869…unsure of arr here..the parents were thomas shea and nellie miles[myles??],, chn all born in KK..i have only traced one of the 12 siblings married to Phillip Dalton…would love to share what i have,, Helen O’shea Kingi

    • Sandra Tamburini says:

      Hello I have a Johanna O’shea Born 1838 in Kilkenny Ireland who married in SA 1857 Adelaide. She died in Blackheath cemetery in 1917. I am trying to find a connection in Australia?

      • helen o'shea kingi says:

        Sandra welcome from our family..in NZ .OUr Edmond and Johanna were brother and sister… their parents being Thomas Shea born 1797 and Nellie Miles born we think 1797..so we have only connected 2 of 11 so far where did they all venture..are the other Shea/o’shea lines in aus connected too..We match DNA with kerrie Shea family Bacchus Marsh..celebrating a great breakthrough .. Thank you Helen nz

  45. Pamela Coltman says:

    This is truly wonderful to find you all out there. My mother was a Shea. Her father was Nicholas Edward Shea who marred Margaretta Maria Aloque Forde in New Zealand. Nicholas father was Michael Shea b1852 in Ireland, d11 December 1938 in New Zealand. Michael and Nora Margaret Windle came to NZ (Kaipoi South Island) from County Kerry (Lestwel)in 1800. Nora’s brother John Windle went to America and her sister Margaret Windle went to Australia. Michaels parents were Michael Shea and Margaret Ann Moran. I have no trace of them from there. There seems to be so many Michael Sheas.

    • Angela Duncan (nee Shea) says:

      Hi Pamela,

      I have just found your blog on this website which is very exciting because I have been trying to find out more information about my grt grt grandfathers family from Co Kerry.
      My grandfather was Henry Francis Shea who was Nicholas s brother. I have a family tree here starting with Michael Shea and Nora Margaret Windle, (who moved from Ireland to Kaiapoi ) then listing their descendents. Nicholas and Margaretta are listed along with Boultons and Coltmans. Have you been able to find out any more information since this blog?

      Angela Shea

      • Pam Coltman says:

        Hi Angela I am keen to get a reunion done for the Sheas who came to NZ but am having difficulty getting someone from down South Island to get me started as that is where the family all settled.

  46. Barb Miller (O'Shea) says:

    re Henry O’Shea b c 1868 living Gurteenaspig,Bishopstown, Co Cork, Ireland 1911
    Hi again all,
    Still trying to trace my elusive Shea/O’Shea’s (including the name Augustine) but came across the following, and am curious to find out more about this family if anyone can help.
    1. An Augustine O’Shea died in a freak accident when he was hit by the mast of his shipwrecked boat “Primrose” off the coast of Wales in 1920. He was identified by the national insurance card that was found with him, and he had apparently bought the boat to sail back to his home in Ireland.
    2. In the 1911 census of IReland, there is a family including a 13 year old Augustine O’Shea living in house 31 in Gurteenaspig (Bishopstown, Cork)The family includes
    Henry O’Shea age 43 (bc1868)who was a Timekeeper for the Waterworks department, his wife Julia aged 40, dau Elizabeth 18, dau Anne 17, Augustine 13, Julia 10, John Bernard 7, Henry 5, Margaret 3 and Monica 1.

    I wonder if the Augustine who died in the shipwreck and is buried at Oxwich churchyard is the son of Henry? I would also like to know if this Henry O’Shea is the same Henry who was Lord Mayor of Cork in 1912, 1913, 1914, and 1915, when he was knighted. I would like to know more about this family, including Henry Sr’s and Julia Sr’s family of origin information. Thank you.
    cheers to you all on a lovely warm sunny day in SA, Oz.

  47. oshea says:

    Check out the O’Shea Ancestry Facebook Group at:

    Also, see the O’Shea yDNA Project newsletters at:

    We would love to see more O’Sheas join the yDNA Project!!! It could help you find your O’Shea connections…

    Margaret Jordan
    O’Shea yDNA Project

    • hello to all the o’shea clan out there,my name is geraldine o’shea from tralee,co kerry daughter of brendan o’shea im looking for his two brothers who immergrated before he was born, william and jerry o’shea who moved to canada in the the late 1920s early 30s they have sisters patrica and catherine,their father’s name was william who served in the first world war,i believe he was born in america in the late 18oos.anyone who might be related or know of these people please send information.

    • Patricia Geraldine O'Shea says:

      Hello O’Shea’s, Shea’s, and other…
      I am just recently taking a strong interest in finding my history…lucky to have Dad still and will soon get pen and paper to asking him anything he remembers. So far I have not seen many in Waterford. As my Dad was born in NYC in 1930, I am guessing his Dad to be born early 1900’s in Waterford, and his name was Patrick. Moved to NYC, married grandma from Cork (in NY) named Elizabeth Maloney. Seems I heard that Dad’s grandfather may have been a tax collector? egads! Any comments welcome.

  48. Denis Francis O'Shea says:

    My name is Denis O’Shea My father was Maurice O’Shea, he was born Maurice Shea in 1900 in St Helens Lancashire England.
    He was the youngest child of 6 to Patrick and Mary Shea (Nee Dwyer)
    Patrick was born 1n 1861 believed to be Templemore Co Tipperary
    he was the fourth of six children of Thomas and Bridget Shea(nee Delahunty). Both my grandparent where O’Shea when buried.
    Are there any other O’Shea or Shea family from Templemore out there

    • Garry O'Shea says:

      3 families of O’Shea’s in Templemore….

      • David O'Shea says:

        hi all i am david o’shea born in sst helens merseyside in 1969 my farther is dennis joseph john o’shea born in prescot merseyside and my grandad was john o’shea who married mary finny cant seem to find where grandad came from

      • Denis Francis O'Shea says:

        Garry, thanks for that info, Is there a parish church in Templemore, that it would be worth me contacting or visiting.

    • Tess (O' Shea)Ryan says:

      Hi Denis, There are 3 O’ Shea families still in Templemore. It would be worthwhile looking into it. My Father was Martin O’ Shea whose father was Jim O’ Shea from Clonmore (4miles outside Templemore). We are currently doing our own family tree. There was also a Paddy O’ Shea(rip) no relation of ours, and then another O’ Shea family that I don’t know information on except they had a butchers shop in Patrick St. You should be able to find some information through local records etc. Incidentally My Uncle who died recently was Maurice, His uncle was Patrick O’ Shea. I have a cousin Denis O’ Shea in england who is a son of Michael O’ Shea, brother to the above mentioned Patrick. Good luck. Tess O’ Shea

      • Denis Francis O'shea says:

        Sorry not to have replied sooner, have been tracing my maternal side who where SHEERANS, but hope to visit to check on both families.

  49. Franchesca says:

    Hi everyone.
    I wonder f anyone could help me with any history of the Shea family who I know lived at Dereenclaurig in Sneem, Co. Kerry. The family history I know was there were at least two brothers Denis and Daniel. Their father was called James and I believe he married a Margaret Minogue who we think was a milk maid or came from a dairy? Any help at all would be wonderful. As you can see I am just starting out! Thank you.

    • Sharon Shea Bossard says:

      Hi Franchesca: What year did the Shea’s live in Dereenclaurig? If you have this information, you could hunt the 1901 Irish Census (depending on when they lived there, of course)…….Would be good to see what you could find on a James and Margaret Shea and their sons Denis and Daniel. Any more information would be useful…..this way you will have a place to begin. I await your reply.
      Sharon Shea Bossard

    • Margaret Shea says:


      I think you are talking about my family. The people you mention are my grandparents. Hope this is not too late (only a year out)

      Margaret Shea

      • Franchesca O'Shea says:

        Hi Margaret, thank you for replying. I posted to try and get some more history about our family going back to the great grandparents and further if poss as the kids were doing a project on genealogy. Alas project was finished a long time ago now. Out of curiosity, would you have been able to help as we had to abandon the O’Shea project and go with my mothers families history in the end! Either way its great to make contact with you. Happy new year and best wishes to you and the family.

      • Margaret Shea says:

        Hi Franchesca,

        Sorry I saw your blog too late to help with school project. How are you connected to Sheas of Direenaclaurig? My greatgrandparents were Denis Shea and Catherine Brennan married on 16th May 1867. They had at seven sons. One of which was my granddad James born on 28th April 1878. He married Margaret Minogue on 8th February 1916. They had 4 sons and two daughters. She was a dairy maid at Derryquin.
        Would love to stay in touch. I have more information on the Minogues if
        you are interested.

        Anyway lovely to hear from you.

        • Franchesca O'Shea says:

          Hi Margaret,
          Thank you for the information on your grand-parents and great grandparents, thats great as we didn’t have this information and yes even though the kids project is long finished we would love to know more about Margaret Minogue and/or any other news you may have on the family’s history! Im married to Jerry, one of Dan’s sons, who I believe was your dad’s brother!
          Best wishes,

        • Mark O'Shea says:

          Hi Margaret
          I am trying to find a link between my Great Grandfather James O’Shea who arrived in Australia in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. His father was Philip and mother Honora (Nora) Sullivan Dorohy and they were from Kerry possibly Sneem. Looking at some Griffiths Evaulation files I see a family of Sheas where a Philip is mentioned in the area of Dareenaclaurig> I have then located some church records of Baptisms belonging to a Philp and Honora Dorihy from Dreenaclarig. Children include Patrick (1857); Bartholomew (1861); Cornelius (1858). Interestingly, but perhaps a curve ball is the Marriage certificate of James with the same parents in 1891. Doubt it is the same James that married in Cairns Australia in 1908 but the links are pretty close. Who knows whether there is a connection but if you have any knowledge of this family I would love to hear. Thanks Mark

  50. Cathy McCarthy Cottone says:

    I have Shea in my background. They were from Ballydonegan. Margaret Shea and her brother Timothy left Ballydonegan (Allihies area) of Beara Peninsula, about 1865, and went to Calumet, Michigan. Margaret married Timothy McCarthy who was originally from Ballycrovane, Beara Peninsula. Timothy Shea left Michigan and headed for Butte, Montana – again to mine for copper.
    Cathy in Michigan

    • Dennis O'Shea says:

      Hi Cathy-I have some similar information on my ancestor, Timothy Shea, but he was from Cahirkeen, nearby to Allihies. And he did have a sister Margaret. you can contact me at my e-address, “dmosh42@embarqmail.com”, and I can provide more detail to see what we might have in common. -Dennis O’Shea

  51. helene oshea.... says:

    I have a large backgroud of O’shea’s…..that of my dad being William Patrick O’shea born 1918…in springbrook Ontario…his father being John Joseph O’shea…who was born in Cork, Ireland…but immgranted over…we are trying to find any other family that may be related…we are wishing to plan a trip to Ireland to research are background….William O’shea had 15 children..who live all over Canada..

    • oshea says:

      Hi Helene,

      Do you have an approx date for the birth of John Joseph O’Shea in Co. Cork? If you don’t have much information on the irish side of your O’Shea family, a yDNA test could help identify yoru O’Shea connections. I am a Cork O’Shea myself (NW Cork) and my Dad did a yDNA test in the O’Shea yDNA Project. We have quite a large number of Cork O’Sheas in the project, perhaps your O’Sheas would match.

      If you have a male O’Shea, he could represent your O’Shea family. I would recommend a 67 marker test (or at least a 37 amrker test). If you want further information, have a look at http://www.osheaclan.org or email: m.jordan246@gmail.com

      Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

  52. Jeanette Childs says:

    Hi My Shea line is from John Shea born 1801 in
    Raphoe, donegal, Ire. He married Mary McKim Raphoe
    donegal, Ire in 1827. children from this marriage
    are William b 1829, Henry 1833, Rebecca b 1834, Robert b 1836, Alexander b 1837, Martha b 1838
    Rebecca married Hugh Anderson in Scot. Martha married John Watson in Sclt. John died in Feb 1840. Mary was in 1841 Census as Mary Show with
    all the children, & 1851 Census as Mary Shea with
    all but Wm.
    Any relatives of any of these may contact me.
    Jeanette Childs

  53. Tina Anderson says:

    I am trying to locate my family back to Ireland. My great great grandfather was Michael W Shea, b. Sept 29, 1822, Murroe County Limerick, Ireland. He married Mary (Margaret?) Sullivan, but not sure of the date. There were 7 children that we know of at this time. Jeremiah Jerome Shea b. Nov. 28, 1859 in Ireland. Michael W Shea Jr, b. 1862 in New York, Cornealus M Shea, b. March 1864 in New York, Catherine Shea, b. 1866, New York, Margaret Shea, b 1869, Indiana, Ennora Agnes Shea b. 1875, Indiana, Josephine Shea, b 1879, Indiana.

    I can show where many of the family are here in the states, but have no information even showing where they came to the United States. Jeremiah Jerome Shea states on his immigration papers that he cane here June 11, 1861, but I can find nothing on this. Can anyone out there help?

    Thanks! Tina Anderson

  54. brian bergin says:

    Hi all, I am trying to contact a dear old friend, haven’t been in touch for over 25 years her name is Helen O Shea from Kilkenny, Callan I think in the late 70s she worked in the now defunct P&T in a section called rental particulars. The last time we spoke she mentioned she was going to France alas we lost touch. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Brian.

  55. Kerrie Shea says:

    Kathleen (Shea) Byer 1918 – 2010, of Melbourne, Australia, descendant of brothers Timothy(c1815) & Stephen (c1817)Shea, sons of Stephen Shea & Margaret Britt of Borrisoleigh, Tipperary. An icon of the Melbourne Hotel Industry.

    Vale, Ellen Colligan, of Adelaide, South Australia, descendant of Timothy Shea (c1815), son of Stephen Shea & Margaret Britt of Borrisoleigh, Tipperary.
    Kerrie Shea, Melbourne Australia

  56. Nicole says:

    Hi everyone! I am looking for my Great Grandfather Patrick O’Shea and any info I can find on my Great Grandmother Ann. They had a son Daniel Patrick O’Shea who was born on 3/15/1924. I do know he is from County Cork, Ireland and came through Ellis Island then moved to Kansas where he married my GGrandmother Ann (I do not know her last name). I think I found him in the Ellis Island records – Arrival date states Nov. 14, 1918, ship Melita, departed from Liverpool. ANY help would be much much appreciated. I would ask my grandfater for more info however he passed away in 2006. My Grandmother does not know much about the O’Sheas unfortunatly. :o(

    • iab says:

      This is what I have about the O’Sheas…lots more info but here’s the basic stuff (my husband is related to the O’Sheas):
      Daniel O’Shea (think you know about him..)…
      his Father is William Patrick O’Shea (1878-1959 Kansas) who married Anna Sheahon (1894-1979 KS)…
      William Patrick’s Father is William Patrick O’Shea (b 1839 Ireland – d 1912 KS) who married Mary Ann Lonergan (b 1850 Ireland – d 1940 KS)…
      that William Parick’s Father was Patrick who was born in Ireland and died while coming across the ocean to America to live..his wife stayed in Ireland

  57. Nicole says:

    Sorry I just found out more info from my grandma – My Great Grandfather was actually William Patrick O’Shea and he was born in Kansas in 1894. He married Ann Sheahon who was also from Kansas born in 1910. So I guess I am now going to start looking for my Great Great Grandpa…….*sigh* 🙂

  58. Barb Miller (O'Shea) says:

    Hi again everyone,
    After finally making a bit further progress, am now looking for the SHEA and BARRY families which were united by the marriage of John Shea and Ellen Barry in Youghal Co Cork in 1826. They had Stephen Shea bapt 1828, John Augustine Shea bapt 1831, Catherine (Kate) Shea bapt 1834 and Ann Shea bapt 1836 all at Youghal.Witnesses and sponsors include surnames FOLEY, SHEA, HOBBART) Would love to hear from descendants of any of these, as have only details of John 1831 who became O’Shea and emigrated c 1848 to NSW.

  59. Tom Barnett says:

    Hello updating my August blog.I now know my great grandfather, Thomas James OShea was born Kilvemnon, Mullinahone, Tipperary in 1835. Father Thomas OShea, mother, Mary Egan (Hagen). Youngest of 8 children. Michael 1820, John 1822, Mary 1825,another Michael 1827 William 1829, Ellen 1831, Catherine 1833 and Thomas 1835. Thomas was a miner and married Hannah Rauhen (born 1846, Barnagore) in Gympie, Queensland in 1873. Any more info on the Irish side greatly appreciated. eg How did he get to Aust.

    • Declan O'Shea says:

      Hi Tom,

      Iam from the area and there are still some O’Sheas living in Kilvemnon! John O’Shea is one that I know personally. Try the Mullinahone Parish Website to get a feel for the parish. Also the old Parish records, Birth/Baptismal records are available. Rev Fr John McGrath may be able to check for your G Gran Father in these records.

  60. Liz O'Shea says:

    Hello. My great grandfather was Thomas O’Shea – married Mary Ann Murphy in 1847 on Wolfe Island Ontario CA in the RC church. On the marriage certificate he says he is from Glin Parish; his parents were Thomas O’Shea and Ellen Ryan. Her parents were Peter Murphy and Bridget McGehan. I think Thomas the father was likely born around 1800 and Thomas the son around 1820. Anyone related? 🙂

  61. annette caines says:

    Please can anybody out there have any info on William O’Shea who was born about 1800. He married Mary Pennycook and had a daughter Catherine who married George Muckart and settled in Elgin Scotland. He was an inspector of buildings.

  62. Sandra Tamburini says:

    Hello a descendant of mine is called Johanna Maria Oshea she is the daughter of Thomas Shea and Ellen Miles from Kilkenny in Ireland. She died in 1917. She is buried in Blackheath Cemetry NSW Australia. She married John Bentley. Any Further informationn would be appreciated.
    Regards Sandra Tamburini Albion Park NSW Australia.

    • helen o'shea kingi says:

      greetings Sandra.. we share the same Thomas shea and Ellen Miles [myles]orig Kilkenny..Your Johanna and my Edmond born 1838 and 1829 were brother and sister ..so thrilled to have found another of the missing 11…did others also go to australia too..?Sincere thanks for the contact…Helen O’shea Kingi NZ

    • Sandra says:

      Her father was actually Michael Oshea/Shay farmer from Kilkenny and mother unknown. Sorry I have her death certificate now

  63. lizzy o brien nee shea says:

    hi any body know about sheas or o sheas portlaoise co laois ireland used to be called maryborough queens co with thanks lizzy

    • ANNA KENNA says:

      Hi Lizzy,
      Just saw you post on this website. I am trying to trace my maternal grandmother who hailed from Laois County. Her name was Elizabeth (Lizzie) O’Shea, daughter of John and Mary. Lizzie had siblings Annie, Maggie, William, Ellen, Anastasia. She died on November 16, 1949. Any leads would be most useful.
      Best regards,

  64. dcusack says:

    Looking for information about Jane Elizabeth O’Shea from Dorchester, Massachusetts. She is birth mother of Robert E. Cusack born 6/1/54. Her grandson is very ill with undiagnosed disease which may be genetic. Would like to find more info on biological relatives to help solve mystery. Any info should be emailed to dcusack@gordonschool.org. Thank you.

  65. Dianne Koralewski says:

    Hello O’sheas.
    I am looking for info on a Mary O’Shea of County Kerry, married to John Dywer, had a son John Daniel or Daniel Dywer who was born in Ireland 1843 or 1855 ?? and died Northcote Victoria 1921. John Daniel Dwyer married Annabelle (annie) Morfesse 30/05/1878 in Castlemaine Victoria.
    I think Mary Oshea had parents John O’Shea & Bridget Connelly???
    Annabelle Morfesse parents were George Morfesse and Bridget Coal b 1834-1913??
    Any info on O’shea links, Dwyer, Morfesse or Jones (from Dwyer side) would be greatley appreciated. Please send to diek@optusnet.com.au. Cheers Dianne Koralewski, Qld Victoria Australia

  66. Nancy J. (Peterson) Erickson says:

    Looking for info regarding Jeremiah P. Oshea BD 1843-1892 who married Isabelle Tollefson BD 1853-1935. They lived in Minnesota and then Hawthorne Wis.He was a CSA veteran. Children were Jack, Josie, Dan, Bridget (My grandmother) and Mary, Jim, Julia,Ellen.

  67. Loretta Hanlon says:

    Hi , I’m looking for information on Shea/O’Sheas from Clonmel, Tipperary. Richard Shea/O’Shea born in 1928 Clonmel and died in Seymour, Vic, Australia in 1923. Son of Thomas Shea (farmer) and Mary O’Neill of Clonmel. On Richard’s marriage certificate (1871) his name was listed as Shea but he died as O’Shea in 1923.

  68. Alice Shea Porter says:

    Hello, I am looking for descendants of Michael John b, 1839 and Margaret Mary Dean Shea b, 1841 d. 1882. Both came from Ireland. They lived for a while in Iowa where the first of their children John, Mary, Julia, Patrick, and Margaret were born. They then moved to the Lincoln, Nebraska area where the last of the children: Deborah, Jeremiah, Agnes, Alice, and Michael were born. Margaret Mary is buried in Lincoln as is Michael but Michael died in Casper, Wyo. d. 1909. I have looked for Michael and Margaret’s descendants for a long time. I hired two researchers from Nebraska to help , but we all stymied. I am really interested in Margaret’s family. I believe that her mother’s maiden name was Day. I hope someone can help. Thanks.

  69. kira says:

    My great grandfathers name was john thomas oshea better known as jack he lived in coolamon australia married my great nan marie pieper now oshea been married for yrs he paaased away a few yrs ago i dont no much abour him but i would like some back ground on the name my great was a musican and was offered to be guitarist for slim dusty many yrs ago but passed it up he has three children larry jenny and richard beautiful man

  70. Hello fellow O’Shea!
    I’m Marina O’Shea from London, UK. My grandad was a Patrick Shea, who married a Christine (don’t know her surname!) and then moved over from Ireland to London where they had mum Mum and her brothers and sisters. My grandparents were frOm Kerry and Dublin (I’m unsure which came from which). My grandfather Patrick was an only child whose father died in the war and mother died in childbirth. is grandmother raised him and he went out to work in a coal mine at the age of 12. My Nan Christine was one of 14!!!!!!!! although I have no names of her brothers and sisters and no idea what happened to them, other than that a fair few of them emigrated to America.
    Until recently, I had no idea how much history the O’Shea name holds! my grandad used to show me the family’s coat of arms, but I never thought it held any real meaning. it wasn’t until I was quizzed by a store worker about my surname (he was Irish and knew a lot about the Shea family name and history) that I decided to look into it- and low and behold I found this site! I don’t expect I’ll find any relatives, sadly I do not keep in touch with the few I know! ut it’s nice to know all about it so thank you to those running this site.
    my Mother used to tell me there were Lords and Lady’s in our family way back in Ireland- I wonder if anyone knows if this is true?

    Best wishes

    Marina O’Shea

  71. David Olsen says:

    Hi all.

    Stuck in Ballydonegan Ireland. I have a Daniel Shea (b 1828) that married an Ellen Sheehan in Ballydonegan. Daniel’s father was Denis Shea. I am assuming that he was born in Ballydonegan or somehwhere in Allihies from 1800-1818. Can find him or Daniel’s mother. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  73. Tabatha says:

    I am looking for information on a Margaret Rose Shea/O’Shea she was born on May 5, 1910 and she married an Edward Carl Driscoll. I know at one point they lived in Bellaire Ohio.

  74. Gerald O'Shea says:

    My uncles Pete and Tim Shea (also some of the family used O’Shea) emigrated from Lauragh, Kenmare, County Kerry, in the early part of the 20th century. Pete owned a saloon in Rockaway, New York for a good few years. His wife died young. They had three children, two boys and a girl. Tim, also known as Thade, married and lived on Long Island. Another brother, Jerry, was a captain in the NYPD. Two other brothers, Pat and Mike never married and lived in Manhattan. I am the son of Jim, who remained in the family farm in Lauragh, and I am very interested in contacting Pete or Tim’s family.

  75. Catherine Shea says:

    I’m Catherine Shea, granddaughter of James Peter Shea who married Jessie Bryant of Texas.
    His father was Joseph Shea/Shay born 1835 in Ireland, who stowed away on a ship for America when he was 15. He stated he was from Cork. There was a family story that two brothers came over, one went north, one went south. It isn’t clear if Bristol, VA was south or north? Joseph lived in Bristol, VA for a time with his wife Ellen Wise (born Virginia abt 1849) and sons Richard (b. 1868) and James Peter (b. Jul 2 1871) and later a daughter Maggie (Jul 9, 1883) and possibly a daughter Sallie. His wife and children moved to Bonham Texas after his death. Maggie married a Vise and moved to Muskogee, OK. Richard died without children in Texas. We can find nothing on Ellen Wise, death-birth-parents. It is unlikely that anyone on this site has information as even finding recent gravesites has proved difficult, but would appreciate any information. My brother Michael is deceased but has two sons and a grandson. We may consider the DNA test later on.

  76. Joan O'Shea says:

    We are looking for a Daniel O Shea who might have gone to Boston to a brother in1923 Daniel left a wife & two children behind in Co Limerick he was born in Kerry maybe Kenmare he would have been 38yrs when he arrived his fathers name was John & we think his mother was Julia he worked as a Smithy when he arrived in co Limerick 1900s he married in 1912in co Limerick we always wonder what became of him

  77. David Olsen (shea/sullivan) says:

    HI Sheas. My great great great great grandfather Daniel Shea married Catherine Sullivan in Allihies. I believe it was 1852. They had Catherine Shea, my grandmother’s grandmother. She, Catherine and my great grandfather made it to Houghton Michigan in the 1870-80’s. Houghton is a copper mining town, just like Allihies was. Any data or clarification of what I think i know would be very much appreciated.

  78. John says:

    Hello to all the Shea’s / O’ Shea’s…My Grandfather Daniel Shea, was born at Scart Castlecove, County Kerry…He emigrated to Boston, USA, and Married Brigid Connor’s, from Rossdohan, Sneem, County Kerry. They had five Daughter’s, and three Son’s. Their first Child Mary was born in Boston, and the Family returned home before the next Child was born. My Grangparent’s bought a small farm near Bandon, and settled there. Brigid died young in 1945, Daniel passed away in 1957, age 72 year’s. My late Father Denny, RIP never spoke of His Uncles or Aunt’ ? and Id love to learn how many Brother’s and Sister’s My Grandfather had, and where They settled, and ? My email is Johnplumb66@gmail.com. I would be very grateful, thank You from John.

  79. Margaret says:

    Greetings all Sheas!
    JOHN SHEA & MARGARET MURPHY both from County Cork

    I am looking for the parents of my Great Great Great Grandparents John Shea (born 1 November 1817 in Eyeries Parish?, County Cork Ireland) immigrated to the US from Liverpool aboard the ship “Josephine” arriving NYC on 21 July 1837 and Margaret Murphy (born 1823 in County Cork, Ireland) She also immigrated to the US from Liverpool aboard the ship “Agenora” which arrived 4 June 1839. They married in NYC in 1841 and there had their first child Honora Shea in 1844. They proceeded to have Dennis (b. 1847), Timothy (b. ~1847), Margaret (b. 1849), Ellen(b. ~1853), Jeremiah (b. 13 December 1855), John (b. ~1857), Catherine (b. 1859), Daniel (b. ~1861), Johanna (b. ~1864). They moved to Illinois (New Diggings and Apple River, Illinois)

    Would love to fill in some more family history! THANKS!


    • R says:

      Hi Margaret,
      Please look up on ancestry.com Cornelius Shea and Susanna (Nurse) Shea. Cornelius’ parents are Roger Shea and Mary/Honora Shea. There may be some connection to my ancestors as the names you mentioned jive with most Shea names in my tree. I don’t want to say exactly what my tree name is under but if you look these names up you will surely find. Hope I could be of some help and who knows just maybe there is a connection and we could work together on the Shea’s if our trees are in relation somehow.
      Happy hunting and good luck!

  80. Margaret says:

    Thanks so much for the info! I’m going to check it out!

  81. Sassie O'Sullivan says:

    What a wonderful blog opportunity this is! I’ve read every word and believe I should jump in, as well. The oldest SHEA in my family found thus far, is Patrick b. abt 1818 Derrymihin, Cork, and Brigid HARRINGTON b. abt 1818 from Urdill, Cork, who m. abt 1836 ( haven’t found marriage record yet ). They added to our clan with 11 children, as follows ~
    (1) Thomas b. Nov 1838 — (2) John b. Feb 1841 — (3) Cornelius b. May 1843 —
    (4) Honora “Norry” b. 1845 — (5) Denis b. Feb 1846 — (6) Patrick Jr. b. Oct 1848 —
    (7) Timothy b. Apr 1851 — (8) Michael b. May 1856 — (9) Matthew b. Dec 1857 —
    (10) Johanna b. May 1860 — (11) Daniel b. Oct 1863. It appears these children were baptized
    in the same month of birth in the Catholic church in Castletown Parish, Cork. Their 4th child, Norry, is my G-Grandmother, who m. Daniel J. SULLIVAN abt 1876 in Allihies. Their family home was located at the base of Hungry Hill in Carrig, off Curryglass Road, Cork, where they raised 9 children, the 7th of which is Honora “Nora” ( named for her Mother ) who is my materal Grandmother & raised me in Portland, Oregon. I am 70 years young now and hope this helps someone in your readership, and if anyone feels a connection, please Email for more details.
    I would be delighted to learn of the children’s marriages & descendants, including their migration & current whereabouts. No detail too small. Thank you in advance.

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