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Margaret (O’Shea) Jordan

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  1. oshea says:

    Thanks for all the comments. The blog is intended for any and all O’Shea(Shea/Shay etc) comments.

    Please continue commenting here…Happy 2009!

    Margaret (O’Shea)Jordan

    • debra dodgson says:

      hi there shea,s and oshea,s i have a bartholomew shea born in 1845 were? then moved to wales and married nora born in 1852 he had 4 children born in wales johanna 1872 my grt grt granda thomas 1873 then john 1875 then dagland in 1877 then moved the family to stockton on tees were he added the o to become oshea then there was edwaed 1883 nora 1885 joesph 1887 and bartholomew 1891 please could you help to see were bartholomew 1845 started out in ireland, and the big mystery for my family my grt granda thomas born 1873 married a anne kenny in stockton on tees had my gran nora and left the family never to be seen again, my gran never met him some say he went to america please could you help with finding a thomas oshea born 1873 wales thanks deb,s

    • saskia robinson says:

      Well my name is Saskia Robinson, but my Dad is James O’shea and i have never met him and don’t really know anything about him but found this and thought i would comment. He met my mom joanna curtin back in the 70’s and i was the result. I know his dad was from waterford Ireland but that is all i know about him it would be wonderful if doing this helped me find out something about him. But it is a long shoot don’t know where else to look.

      • Margaret Trundle says:

        Hi Saskia,
        My name is Margaret O’Shea, with a brother Jim O’Shea. I am not on Facebook. My email is: trundle.margaret@gmail.com (my married name is Trundle)

        • Peter O'Shea says:

          HI Margaret, I too have been trying to search for my maternal ancestors but to no avail.
          Sorry I cannot assist you at this time. But do look for other sites you could be lucky.
          Best wishes.

        • Kayleigh says:

          Hi Margaret,
          Quick question your father that was from Waterford… He didn’t happen to live in Southampton, England did he?

  2. berni says:

    hi to all fellow o’shea’s!!
    i last posted on here in oct 2007 (heres my update)
    bartholomew o’shea b abt 1890
    michael b o’shea b abt 1860 caherciveen co kerry married margaret anne o’reilly in 1883 in st finians chapel
    michael had a sister catherine ‘kate’ who emigrated to america 1881 she married patrick j sullivan.
    i am in contact with her grgrgrandson who incredibly found a letter from michael to kate dated 18/12/1887!
    michael b and margaret had 6 children patrick 1884 mary catherine 1885 john valentine 1887 michael joseph 1889 margaret anne 1890 and finally my grgrandad christopher stephen 1893-1963.
    they were all born in caherciveen and family occupation at this time were merchant tailors.
    i have researched to present times 3 siblings who went to US. the 2 eldest children i have no info for as yet.
    my grandfather married in granard co longford maria cadden 1917 and they had 11 children. they lived in arva co cavan before moving to england 1950’s. my grandparents were also tailors.
    my father is the eldest child born 1919
    any information greatly received!

    • Tina Fargo says:

      My great great grandfather was Jeremiah O’Shea (born abt 1924 in Ireland) who came to the US about 1847 and settled in Alden, New York. His youngest daughter Julia said that her parents were carpet weavers in Ireland. Jeremiah was married to Bridget Fitzgerald. I have no other information about their Ireland origin but have all kinds of information about their US history. I believe that Jeremiah had a brother John O’Shea who also came to the US in the 1840-1860 time frame but I am not sure. Would like to know if there is a connection here.

  3. Eddie O'Shea says:

    I am trying to make contact with O’Shea’s originating from Killenaule, Co. Tipperary. My grandparents names were Patrick and Hannah (don’t know her maiden name). My father’s (Edmond) siblings included, Nora (deceased) also lived in Killenaule, Anne (deceased) lived in Margate, Thomas (deceased) died as RAF Sergeant during WWII 01/06/42. Michael, and at least one more brother and sister.

    • Tom Mendell says:

      For Eddie O’Shea
      I left note on ancestors.com but I’ll summarize again. I can add some info on the Killenaule O’Shea family. My mother was Bridget O’Shea, eldest daughter of Patrick and Hannah. She died in Tucson Arizona in 1977. I’m her son, Tom, born in England and named after the Thomas O’Shea you referenced. We moved to the US in 1957. There was another brother to our parents named Jack who supposedly immigrated to Canada, probably in the 30s. I remember Uncle Mick (Michael). More if needed. Cheers Tom Mendell

  4. oshea says:

    Hi Eddie,

    I know that we have a member of our yDNA Project whose ancestors originated in Killenaule.Perhaps you are connected. I’ll pass your message on.

    Margaret Jordan

  5. Eddie:

    I’m the one that Margaret Jordan references above. Our line descends from Edward O’Shea, who according to our records was born 12 Jul 1842 in Graystown, Killenaule, Tipperary. He emigrated to the United States and died 2 Mar 1920 in Summerville, Jefferson, PA. We have the Y-DNA markers on this line. We would love to compare notes. My email is trturk@frontiernet.net.


  6. John Shea says:

    Supposedly a relative of mine – it could be a Michael Shea – whose family had emigrated to the US returned (I don’t know when, may 50-75 years ago) at some point to operate the Smithy when the local Shea’s had ‘run out’. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, anything you can add to this story? We have a hand-painted picture of the cottage someone had done, with the reference to Lauragh Road, and that’s pretty much it …

    There is a parish of Lauragh in Co Kerry, to the South of Kenmare town. Could this be the area you are looking for? It is on the Beara peninsula,

    Thank you Sean, this is very helpful. I had also had a few others suggest this location. I hope to be back in September ’09 and plan on checking it out!


    • sean o'shea says:

      Hi John,
      I live in england but know of a distant relative,a blacksmith who returned from a few years in the us a Michael O’Shea but that would be in excess of 90 years ago.
      My mother has fairly comprehensive family tree records of the Shea’s and O’Shea’s who emmigrated and where many of them are in the states. If you could let me know your relationship to this man and any more of the relations that you know off, then I can ask her to see if she can help.

      • John O'Shea says:


        Anybody from Cork? My great grand uncle Michael O’Shea moved to Dubuque Iowa around 1855. Only relative I had in US who went back to England was my great Uncle Maurice – who did go back to England around 1910. Would prefer just to send my email jgoshea at comcast.net

      • Rick says:

        Hi Sean. I guess I want to ask how comprehensive your mother’s records are. Are there mention of a Cornelius Shea(born about 1825) or Susannah Shea(born about 1839). They met and married in the U.S. about 1859 and resided in Indianapolis, IN where there children were born and raised too. They were from Ireland but I have no idea what part. These people are my great, great, great, grandparents and I have had no luck going any farther back. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Peggy Baker says:

      Hi John, This is in response to a comment you made about having a hand painted picture of a cottage in Lauragh. If you receive this, I wonder if you might be able to forward a copy? My great-grandmother Margaret Shea lived with her husband, Philip O’brien, in such a cottage. I would recognise it if I saw a photo. Maybe we can make a connection. Thanks, Peggy

    • maggie says:

      Hi John, I live on the Lauragh road. And there are a number of OShea families here, one of the most famous is the local blacksmith, who also lives on the Lauragh road. I would be happy to help if you are still pursuing this question. Maggie

  7. Kerrie Shea says:

    Message to Helen Kingi – NZ
    Just letting you know that we are OK here in Victoria. Thankyou for your email, I have sent two replies to you but both have been returned. The fires have been devasting and horrendous, the loss of life, homes, farms and whole towns is nothing like we have experienced before. We are fairly safe here, at their closest, the fires 3 weeks ago were about 45mins away. Still having hot and windy weather with 7 major fires around the state. The coming week will be particularly bad, weather wise, so fingers crossed they can keep them under control.
    Thankyou for your thoughts and wishes.
    Kerrie Shea
    Bacchus Marsh, Vic., Australia

  8. Noreen O'Shea says:

    Hi All.
    Noreen O’Shea here from Mallow in Co. Cork. My grandfather Mick Shea came from Ballinagree between Millstreet and Macroom. My father seems to have added an O to our surname – don’t know why!!
    Didn’t realise there was so many O’Shea’s out there – long may they live!!


  9. helen oshea kingi says:

    Hi from NZ.. Noreen in my limited family knowledge the name change in my line seems to be like this SHEE until about 1820 then SHEA.. then some added the ‘o’as my grtgf did about 1870 and yet the family in Bacchus Marsh ..re Kerrie shea are still SHEA..Thank God you are safe from the fires our brave Victorian connection..still trying with our Kilkenny and Borrisoleigh family line..warm wishes

    • johnny bourke says:

      my grandmother was Bridget O’Shea. My o’shea came from Glenbreda Borrisoleigh. The Borrisoloeigh Shea’s are also apart of our clan.Let me know your connections with the Borrisoleigh O’Sheas and we can go from there

      • john kingi says:

        My DNA results match with Kerrie in VIC AUS from original place of Borrisoleigh our results are The Thomas Shea line from Callan…however the family cant seem to be followed there since about 1840… 10 chn were born there 1820-1840…so many brick walls… now more complications my granf here in nz married ellen mary Bourke .. have my Bourke F?T but nothing on the Shea / O’shea line..Regards Helen O’shea Kingi

        • Peter OShea says:

          Hi John,My family come from Queenstown called after Queen Victoria (Now known as Cobh County Cork).Hope this information helps? Unfortunately we don’t have anything on the Borrisoleigh O’Shea clan. Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2013 09:10:45 +0000 To: p_o_oshea@hotmail.co.uk

      • hi does this link you to Martin O’Shea d 15/01/1923 ?

        • Peter OShea says:

          Sorry I cannot help as I was born in Cobh County Cork.

        • Helen O'shea Kingi says:

          Our DNA also connects to The Shea line from Borrisoleigh….that is going back to about 1820 where I have a generation born 1820-1840 who were all born close to Callan in KK… Thomas Shea 123084 very happy to share what I have … from Helen in NZ..

  10. Brendan O'Shea says:

    Hi all,
    Brendan O’Shea from Sydney, NS, Canada. There is a big O’Shea family in cape breton. We think our family arrived in here mid 1800s.
    take care

    • marion shea says:

      Send me an e mail I am in the Boston ARea

      I have a lot of info on the Sheas of Sydney

      Some went by O shea and the same family went by Shea marion shea call 781 585 5342 boston

  11. Renee Colleen O'Shea Parker says:

    My father was Richard Dennis O’Shea, mother Marion Louise Barcalow of St Louis, MO. I am searching for info on who were my great-great grandparents. I am told our O’Shea family hails from County Cork, Ireland. My great grandparents were James W. O’Shea (1861-1931) and Katherine (Craig) O’Shea (1865-1944, of St Louis, MO. All info is greatly appreciated!
    Happy St Patricks Day!!

  12. Natasha O'Shea says:

    Hey everyone! Natasha O’Shea from Prince Edward Island Canada… nice to see all the O’Sheas out there in the world!

  13. rita o shea says:

    hi,rita o shea here from south kilkenny. hi ou there to all the o shea clan worldwide. please email me at larsshe@eircom.net.

  14. Laurie Smith says:

    My great-grandfather was John Joseph Shea (Shay)born in 1873 in Goraletter, Tuosist, Kenmare, Kerry and emigrated to the US where he married Mary Crowley and had 4 children, Lillian, John, Eleanor and Frances….his father was Patrick. I believe the “O” was dropped when he emigrated as well as the spelling changed to ‘Shay’…Only Lillian and Frances had children so there are still some ‘Shay’s’ from this branch in the US….does this sound familiar to anyone?

    • Dick Shea says:


      My family are Sheas from just outside Kenmare. Do you have any male Sheas from your branch of the family? If so, they might do the yDNA test, which I did last year. I’m curious if there is a strong connection of your branch of the family and mine, which should show up in the DNA test.


  15. oshea says:

    Irish Civil Records Index is online. If your ancestors were born from 1864 on or even born before but married after the start of civil registration,you will find them. Then send for the certificate if you want to, using the Vol. No and page no. This reference is for the GRO in Roscommon not the local Reg. Office.

  16. Karen says:

    My grandfather’s name is Joseph A. Shea. I don’t have much information other than he met my grandmother in Nebraska and my mom was born there. Her name is Mary Ellen Shea. I would love to know more about them. If you have any information, please email me ~ ur2bhis@yahoo.com
    Thank you!

  17. Philip Brett says:

    I was browsing the archieve and saw a post by a Leo Shea on January 9, 2007 at 12:23 pm.

    He was trying to trace his ancestors the O Sheas of Laffins Folly in Tipperary .
    Leo said he had visited ireland in search of the home of his ancestors but failed to find Laffins Folly. If any one can contact Leo you can tell him I was born and reared in Laffins Folly and can proably help him in his search.

    Laffins Folly wont be found on any maps its avery small towns land located outside the town of thurles (about 8 miles) also there is a very old small cemetry near by where your ancestors are more than likley burried.

    If any one knows Leo can they pass on this message as id be delighted to help or Leo if You Read this you can email me philipbrett007@gmail.com

  18. oshea says:

    Kilkenny is celebrating 400 years of being a city.
    Many Shees were sovereigns of Kilkenny and later, Mayors of the City of Kilkenny!In modern times, Edward o’Shea was Mayor.

  19. Adam O'Shea says:

    Hey im Adam O’Shea and am currently livin in Nobber, Co.Meath. I live here with my dad who is the son of Patrick O’Shea who dies 24th Jan 2001. I have never known much about my family and am interested in knowing a lot more. My grandfather (patrick) had 2 brother, John and Jerry(died last year) and 3 sister, Agnes, anne and MArie. I dont know who theire parents were but i would appreciate any information I can. All cureently living in Dublin.

    • Hello Adam, please let me know if you manage to contact the people you’ve named. They are also related to me, I think my Dad, Francis O’Connor was their first cousin. I remember visiting them in East Wall when I was a child. Marie’s husband is called Liam, Anne’s is Jim and Agnes is a nun. Their mother was always known to us as Aunt Nan. Good luck. Lorraine

  20. Tad Shay says:

    Sad to report that NATALIE MERCHANT is NOT an O’Shea as reported on internet and Facebook among other places. Many blogs or news items reported that her mother was an O’Shea, Irish, etc. I confirmed with her official organization to the contrary. too bad.

  21. oshea says:

    Just heard that Sharon Shea Bossard got some good news about her Chicago Irish book. It just won first prize in the Illinois Women’s Press Assoc….and will now go to the Nationals to be judged…..and the book also won as Finalist in the Indie Book Awards out of Michigan. Congratulations, Sharon!!!

    See Sharon’s website:

    Margaret (O’Shea)Jordan

  22. Just returned from a wonderful fact-finding mission to Ireland. Our project coordinator, Margaret O’Shea Jordan, met up with my husband and me in Ballinskelligs, County Kerry, where we did some major sleuthing. After the yDNA results came in with good news, it was time to go back to that area and “comb” some more. Margaret is an expert, an ace, an incredible genealogist who knows how to get to the bottom of things. Our time spent resulted in new information, facts, and directions. Two hours with the parish priest and all the mildewed, dog eared, difficult-to-read documents, prowling through graveyards, and knocking on doors was the order of the day, and I’m happy to report it all went well. Thank you, Margaret, for all your genius assistance….the O’Shea/Shea yDNA project is fortunate to have you (as well as Brian) at the helm.

  23. Margot O'Shea says:

    Hi O’Sheas! from Queensland, My husband’s father Peter is from Wexford born about 1918(ish) and married Mary Armstrong also from Wexford around 1942. Our daughter Kelly is the 2009 Queensland Rose and we would love any O’Sheas to say hi if you happen to be at the Tralee Festival in August. It’s an exciting time for us and we are hoping to do some O’Shea family research while we are there. As its a bit hard to bring a cheer squad from Australia we’d love some O’Shea support from the Irish end! 🙂 Thanks and see you in August!

    • Jennifer O'Shea says:

      Hi Margot

      Just to let you know that I was born in Wexford and My Dad Patrick O’Shea and my Grandad Samual Born 1913(ish) and My Grandmother Mary O’Shea were also from Enniscorthy in Wexford, Im not sure if My grandfather had siblings but there could be a connection (“,), Good luck to Kelly in The Rose of Tralee, I send my support and i will be watching

      • Margot O'Shea says:

        Hi Jennifer, While in Ireland last month we came across Col’s grandfather and uncles graves in Bree. From memory his grandfather was John and uncle was Edward. Were any of you guys from Bree? Thanks so much for your well wishers re Rose of Tralee. I don’t think anything can prepare the girls for how huge the 10 days are! Kelly says thanks so much for the support, she had the time of her life.

      • Jennifer O'Shea says:

        Hi Margot

        Only saw this comment today so about the delay in replying, Im not sure about Bree but i’ll ask my dad and Uncles and see if they would know? there is enough of them someone is bound to have some information ha ha, I Hope Kelly enjoyed Ireland and her Rose of Tralee experience I saw her on the T.v. She did the O’Shea name Proud Well done.

  24. I am trying to trace Patrick Shea born about 1818/19 in the Tuosist/Lauragh area of co.kerry He came to England as a young lad with his mother and settled in London or so I have been told.

  25. Helen O'Shea says:

    Hi! This is Helen O’Shea from Dublin. Brothers are James, Shane and Cian. Dad, Sean O’Shea from around Ventry Co. Kerry. Glad to discover the site!

  26. Jude Silich says:

    Hi I’m trying to trace my Grt Grt Grandfather James Shea he married Margaret Boland December 1839 in Cloughjordan Co. Tipperary. They had a son Edward baptised in CloughJordan March 1840. They also had a daughter Jane who I haven’t been able to find a baptism for, but who was born around 1842. Margaret, Edward and Jane all immigrated to New Zealand, (although not all at the same time)Margaret Boland was the daughter of James Boland and Jane Delahay. James Shea was a farmer according to his childrens death certs. If anyone can help me trace James I would love to hear from you. Thanks

  27. Martin Briscoe says:

    I am not very optimistic but posting here to see if anyone has any ideas about my Great Great Grandmother.

    She was Catherine O’SHEA, she was born around 1822 but ages on different records vary from 1821 to 1826 (and even 1831).

    I think she was born in Ireland but no idea where.

    She married my Great Great Grandfather, Mark HAMMOND, in St Roch de Quebec, Canada in February 1844. He was a soldier serving in Canada.

    The marriage record is all in French and mangles all the names but it appears that her father was Charles John O’SHEA and her mother Catherine DYLAN/DILLON.


    I don’t think they were present so she could have gone to Canada on her own.

    They had a son in Canada in 1844 then the regiment came back to England. My Great Grandmother was born in England just before the regiment went to Ireland where Mark died in 1847.

    Catherine was living in Yorkshire in the 1851 census near to where Mark had been born. She lived there until her death in 1915.


  28. Kate Flannery Silc says:

    I’m planning a trip to Ireland in September. I would dearly love to find my family’s origin. My great-grandfather was Michael J. Shea, born in 1845 in Ireland. He married Catherine Guerin, born 1854 in Ireland. I know that Catherine came from Caherciveen in Co. Kerry. However, I have no idea where Michael was from. He came to the U.S. in 1863. They were married in 1882. They lived in Hartford, CT. They had six children – Annie (my grandmother, Michael, Daniel, William, Charles, and Joseph.

    After reading many of the posts, I wonder if he came from Kerry as well.


    • Hi Kate: Will this be your first trip to Ireland? My husband and I have been researching the Shea’s for 6 years and thanks to the yDNA project have been successful in locating where our O’Shea’s originated from. I would be happy to help in any way that I can. Do you have official documents from Ireland to confirm Catherine’s birthplace as Caherciveen? My grandfather emigrated to Conn. in 1880 and listed Cahersiveen as his birthplace…turns out it was the Glen in Ballinskelligs…about 10 miles from Cahersiveen. If there is a male Shea in your family ….urge them to join the project….this is a terrific way to learn more about family. Plus, you’ve got the expert assistance of project administrators. I’ve been working closely with Margaret O’Shea Jordan and cannot say enough about her amazing talent for sleuthing……I would never have discovered where my grandfather Michael Shea was born without the expertise of the O’Shea project. Hope to hear from you.

      • Kate Flannery Silc says:

        I ordered your 2 books and I’m waiting for them to arrive, Sharon. I hope they help in my search.

        This is my second trip to Ireland. I was there when I was in the 1970s when I wasn’t quite as fascinated with my ancestry. However, when I was there I met with a Mary Guerin in Caherciveen where she lived. My great-grandmother, Catherine Guerin married Michael Shea in the US in 1882. Mary Guerin was able to tell me something about the Guerins, but I don’t remember her talking about the Sheas.

        Unfortunately, I never met the Shea side of the family. My grandmother, Annie Shea Flannery, died when my father was young and his father remarried. My father has since passed on so I don’t see how anyone who could participate in the yDNA project.

        I don’t have any official documents that would prove my great-grandfather Shea was born in Caherciveen. In fact, I don’t know for certain if he’s from Kerry. I’m only making that leap because his wife’s family was from there.

        I would love any suggestions that you can give me. I plan to be staying in Co. Kerry for about a week in September.

        Thanks for your help.


      • CaitKerry says:

        My grandmother was Mary Shea from Ducalla in the Glen? sure we could be related!

      • Hi Cait: Please tell me more about Mary Shea, and would Ducalla be anywhere near townlands of Rathkerin or Faha? Could you provide more info on your Shea’s? Have you done any research on your family? Awaiting your reply.


    • Kenna Shea says:

      Hello and good luck with your inquiry about Sheas originating from Cahericeveen and relocating to New England. My grandfather was Michael F. Shea and he had a brother Daniel. Please read my comment #42. There may very well have been other siblings. Thank you.

      • Maureen Shea Dickson says:

        There were other siblings, John, Dinnis, Your grandfather Michael, Daniel, James, my father and a sister Mary. All lived in New London, Ct. Please contact me for further information.

  29. oshea says:

    Hi Kate,

    The Shea surname originated in Kerry and it is most likely that your Michael J. Shea was from Kerry and could have been from Caherciveen. It can be very difficult to identify the exact Shea family without more detail. However, if you know that Catherine Guerin was from Caherciveen, it might be easier to track her family first. Perhaps their families knew each other prior to leaving Ireland. She would only have been none when he left I think. Our website http://www.osheaclan.org has a research help webpage which could help you with this. It is geared for Shea research but it would apply to other surnames too.

    We also have a yDNA Project for Sheas/O’Sheas which is helping people to connect with other Sheas/O’Sheas. If you have a male with a Shea paternal line in your family, he could represent the family and if you are lucky he will match another Shea/O’Shea. We have some Sheas from the Caherciveen area in the project already. If he doesn’t match anyone at the moment, he might match Sheas in the future as the project grows.

    Good luck with your research.

  30. oshea says:

    I should have mentioned the reduced price of $119 for a yDNA test and a mtDNA test offerred by Family Tree DNA (through a project) until June till 24th June


  31. Margot O'Shea says:

    Hi, I’m very excited to have discovered some information on our line of O’Sheas. My husband’s father Peter was born in 1916 in Bree Parish, Enniscorthy, Wexford and married Mary Armstrong born in Drumcalpin, near Butler’s Bridge County Cavan, in London around 1945. Peter had brothers and sisters Edmund (Ned who we believe may be still in Eniscorthy), John who was taken to New York to be a butler, a sister Kate who went to New York as a maid with John. John married Brigid and had four children – Kathleen, Ellen, Mary and Peter. If anyone has any further information on this line of O’Sheas would love to hear from you.

    • Jennifer O'Shea says:

      Hi Margot

      Please read No (24) I didn’t see your update untill i read further down there really could be a good connection considering (“,)

      • Margot says:

        Hi Jennifer, It certainly sounds like there may be a connection. Are you in Ireland? I’m going to Wexford next week to try to find some records before going on to Tralee.

    • Jennifer O'Shea says:

      Sorry that was suppose to be NO (23)

      • Jennifer O'Shea says:

        Hi Margot

        Sorry I am so late getting back to you, I haven’t been on the site for some while, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Ireland Yes Im living in Co.Clare, I would love to know if you found any information on your visit.

        If there is any information I can look into for you let me know

      • Margot O'Shea says:

        Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for your reply. Kelly enjoyed her time in Ireland so much she is back there again already! Have hit a bit of a brick wall with the O’sheas in Wexford but as we are moving to France this year we will take up the search again when we are closer. I should make an appt to see the Priest of the church where they are buried he may have some records. What a luxury it will be to be only an hour away by plane instead 26+ hours :D.

  32. pat and troy o'shea says:

    me and my cousin want to get out of the usa.we are hard workers. does anyone know how we can get back to are homeland.help please osheatroy@yahoo.com

  33. Hi Kate: If you’re unable to find a Shea/O’Shea family member to do the yDNA, then you’ll be looking at the U.S. records from the 1880s. Do you know where your great grandfather emigrated to? What city? Where did he marry? Civil marriage records are available from the 1880s…as well as the church record. You might get some idea of the name of the parish by listing their children (where they were baptized)…..also, check for Naturalization records….this will possibly have the location in Ireland where he was born. Check the City Directories of the place he lived in the 1880s and 1890s….also listed will be any male family members….the females won’t be listed. How about any property he might have purchased….deeds are available from city offices. Can you get a copy of his death cert? Also, his gravestone might have some information on it. These are some of the avenues I would explore….the more information you find in the U.S., the better it will be……you can begin to put together the puzzle and sometimes the place of birth in Ireland will pop up. So, do begin your search right here and then when you go to Ireland you’ll have information to bring with you. The church in Cahersiveen…Daniel O’Connell Church….has records from 1850…..readable and available. You might find info on family….also, I would check the 1901 Irish Census…..but only after you find out more info on your great grandfather’s siblings……you can bet he left a large family behind. I’ve give you much information, but please do list these sources and begin to make phone calls…..I started with very little information….didn’t even know my father’s first name….and had no facts about his parents from Ireland……I kept digging and my grandfather, Michael Shea, came from Ireland in 1880…so we’re talking about the same time frame. Please let me know if you need any help with this……I do hope you know where he was married….this would be a huge beginning. Looking forward to hearing from you….oh, and thank you for purchasing my books…where did you order them from? You’ll enjoy my journey to find my Irish…..it’s a great story….Thank you so much….Kind regards, Sharon

  34. Kevin Shea says:

    Hi everyone…My great, great grandfather was William Shea. I have a “copy” of a Northampton document (dated June 1870) where William registered to became a US citizen. His wife was Catherine (Kate) Shea nee Keating. The copy only showed William applying for citizenship. It said he was from County Tipperary…in fact, from what I can gather, Catherine Keating may also have been from County Tipperary.

    I believe William may have entered the United States in 1862/1863 (New York)? I don’t know if he entered the country married, or if he married here in the US. My great grandfather was John J. Shea (born in CT?).
    I don’t know if they went to Northampton, MA (per 1870 US Census) because of family or friends?? On the 1870 census, there is William, “Kate”, John (6), and Patrick (4). I’m trying to find info from when William arrived here 1862/1863 to 1870, and from 1870 to 1881. I don’t know how long they stayed in Northampton or when they arrived.

    The next time I find them in census info is 1881 Canadian Census (Prince Edward Island). Listed are: William, Catharine, John (16), Patrick (14), Margaret (7) and George (1). Also living with them was Jane Keating. The 1891 Canadian census only lists William, Catharine and Margaret. George may have died as an infant? (No death record has been found). I can’t find any records after 1901 in Canada.

    I’ve hit a brick wall because I only have County Tipperary as a starting place (it will be like finding a needle in a haystack!) Any ideas?


    • marion shea says:

      Check Fredericks directory PEI 1878

      Wiliiam was in summerside PEI as a cooper

      and merchant

  35. Matthew O'Shea says:

    Greetings all. SInce I last posted at Christmas, I have learned some new family history. Thank you to Margaret for alerting us all to the latest online census availability. After seeing my O’Shea’s in the 1911 census living in Queenstown (Cobh) I then found them in the 1901 census MINUS the O, just Shea. This was curious since the copy of my Grandfather’s Birth Certificate from 1898 has the O. Lazy census taker? Loyalist census taker? Defiant Great Grandfather?
    Anyway this lead to further research where I found the Great Grandparents marriage certificate from September 24, 1890. Married at St. Colman’s in Cobh, it listed his father as one Humphrey Shea and mother as Mary Foley. Contradicting current Irish relatives who claimed Cahersiveen as the birthplace of our O’Shea’s, the certificate says that the groom and his parents where all from Glencar, Kerry. Good progress with a few steps backward. Off to Cork & Kerry in 6 weeks! Best regards, Matt

    • Pat O' Shea says:

      Curiosity, is getting the better of me. My name is Pat O’Shea, living in Cobh (formerly Queenstown). I’m a fourth generation O’Shea. My great grandfather came to Queenstown from Caherdaniel around the 1880’s. Same family?

      • Matt O'Shea says:

        Pat. it is likely the same family. Are you Pat of the Commodore Hotel? If so we’ve met a few times if not I’m sure the relation is there. I was in Cobh over Christmas holiday and stayed with Tony & Margaret O’Shea in Carrighaloe. Even more research into the Kerry origins are specifically Shanacashel in Glencar.

    • nancy shea says:

      my fathers family are shea’s from glencar !!!

  36. oshea says:

    Hi Matt,

    Great to hear you now can trace your O’Sheas back to Glencar, Co.Kerry. That should narrow down the search!

    Best wishes,

  37. Mary O'Shea says:

    Hello O’Shea’s,
    Looking for Great Grandfather Jeremiah O’Shea who left Glengariff, Co. Cork, for New York in the early 1860’s. He has at least one brother, Patrick, who stayed in Ireland. He married Mary Ann Ferguson and died in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1800’s. These are my Great Grandparents. Anyone have any information on this family?

  38. Wing Galaxi says:

    Hello! I am replying to a message (No. 18) left by ‘O’Shea’ on 29th March 2007, looking for the whereabouts of the three children of George Raymond O’Shea and Elsie May Collins. I am John Desmond Shea or O’Shea (I use both forms) and I can be contacted at iri.study@virgin.net

  39. hi fellow o’shea’s .I never knew my father. His name was Thomas Patrick O’Shea. I don’t know much more than that.I did hear someone mention County Cork at one time.I would love to learn more from any one who could help. Thanks in advance, Eileen

    • Sandra Kay Whitehead says:

      Hi Mary,

      Have you discovered any more information about your father Thomas Patrick O’Shea ? I have just started looking for family related to my Granmother Kathleen Rose O’Shea. I think she may have had a brother Thomas Patrick. They seem to repeat the same family names each generation, so I wonder if there is any connection.

  40. Simon Blackmore says:

    Looking for Shea family in County Limerick. My GG grandfather, James Shea (b. abt 1819) m. Mary Divan (b. abt 1823 Kilkenny) moved to Orsett, Essex, England before 1850. Children were Catherine (1843 Limerick), James (1847 Limerick), John (1850 Orsett), Mary Ann (1852 Orsett), Ellen (1857 Orsett), Katey (1860 Orsett).
    Any information about this faimily would be wonderful!

  41. John O'Shea says:

    Love to see all of the stories here. My O’Shea clan started in Ballyogaha,Cork outside of Midleton. They also lived in Clonmult, Garryduff and Kilcor. Buried in Templeboden and Clonmult cemeteries. Looking for family of a Patrtick born in 1830s or 40s, moved to Dubuque, Iowa. Patrick married an Anne Foley (just a hunch – no evidence) from the same area. He had a daughter Mary. Kate O’Shea from Kilcor, father Maurice, wound up in Bloomington, Indiana.

  42. Kenna Shea says:

    Hello from Virginia, U.S.A.

    Glad to have found this site and I will be watching with interest the progress that Kate Flannery is able to make in her genealogy search.

    My sisters and I are the last of the Sheas in our line. My grandfather was Michael F. Shea, lived in Springfield Mass for a time but died approximately 1937 at age 45 in Cambridge Mass. Worked for The Boston Herald and had two sons, one that died young. My father, now deceased, told us our Sheas came from Valentia and Cahersiveen. He had a Shea cousin in Massachusetts named Eleanor who visited relatives in Ireland in the 1970s. That’s about all I know.

    Michael F. Shea had family in the U.S. and Ireland, but the only one I met was Daniel, never married, who proudly retained his Irish citizenship, had a marvelous pegleg with a secret compartment that held quarters, and owned the “Yellow Dog Saloon” in New London, Connecticut. In the 1960s we lost track of him but I still have my “Order of the Yellow Dog” membership card with the following inscription on the back. “Men and Dogs – A friend may smile and bid you hail; Yet wish you with the devil; But when a good dog wags his tail, You know he’s on the level.”

    Any info would be appreciated.

    • Maureen Shea says:

      My son came across your post, and forwarded it to me. We are related, Roger Shea was my first cousin. My father was James M. Shea, from New London, Ct., brother of your grandfather.
      I hope we could talk.

    • Kate Flannery Silc says:

      Hi, Kenna. I haven’t checked this site very often since my trip to Ireland last September. I visited Cahersiveen, but my one family contact there had since passed away. I became discouraged since there are so many Sheas and O’Sheas and I have so little information for that side of the family.

      At first, I thought we might be related, but, after reading your post, I’m not certain. My great-grandfather was Michael J. Shea who came from Ireland circa 1863. He ran a saloon in Hartford, CT. He had 6 children – Anna, Michel J., Daniel, William, Charles, and Joseph. His son, Michael J. was born in 1883. His wife’s name was Mary. His brother Daniel was a doctor, his wife’s name was Mary. That doesn’t fit the description of your Daniel.

      I wish you luck with your search.


  43. Kelly O'Shea says:

    Hi fellow O’Sheas, Just dropping a line to thank all the O’Sheas who have been so friendly and pleasant during my 10 day trip around Ireland as the Queensland Rose. There are so many of us! It was a great opportunity to get in touch with my Irish roots and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) come back and finish my studies in Ireland next year, please feel free to drop me a line and I hope I did the O’Shea name proud. kind regards, Kelly O’Shea

    • James O'Shea says:

      G’day Kelly,

      Great to hear you enjoyed the Rose Of Tralee.
      What a wonderful experience it is !
      I live in Tralee and have our family-tree post on the web. Don’t think we are related.


      My Dad, Ned, was President of the Rose Of Tralee a few years ago and I know the ‘craic’ that goes on during the Festival !
      I’m a member of The Grand Golf Club in Surfers Paradise since 2001 and try to get to play there about once or twice every few years.

      Also we had the pleasure of inviting Ashley & Helen Cooper to dinner in London during Wembledon last year. (Mutual friends of Neale & Thea Fraser). They live in Brisbane. He won the singles in 1959 and Helen was Miss Queensland in her day. Great people.

      Kind Regards,

  44. Barb Cooke says:

    Not sure where to begin here. I am the last of my line to still claim the O’shea heratige. My mother Carole was the only child of (Jack)John O’Shea who passed away in 1989. Jack was one of two children born to Michael O’Shea, his brother Michael passes away during WWII without ever having any children. Glad to see so many oO’Sheas still going strong.

  45. Laura Kenyon says:

    I am trying to make contact with a man named Matthew O’Shea who I believe is my father. I was born in New London, CT and am 25 years old.

  46. Tad Shay says:

    TO Laurie:
    I know a Matthew in NYC? Would that be him?

  47. Jack Moriarity says:

    My g-grandmother was Mary Shea Moriarity (NY). She was born in Caherciveen in 1859 – daughter of Honorah O’Connell Shea Foley and Michael Shea. He died early in life and left her with several children. She remarried a man named Foley. Mary’s only known sibling was Nellie Shea Leahy (CA) although we know there was, at least one brother. The Foley side of the family is still in Dublin and others in Washington DC and Long Island NY. Would love to hear from anyone with info about the Shea side of my family.

  48. carol ellen niehorster says:

    Hi – my grandfather was John O’Shea, died in Tottenham, North London 21/12/1945. I can find no trace of his marriage to Ellen (Nelly) O’Reilly who I think came from Castleisland. My father was John, one of seven children, Patrick, Ted, Jim, Nora, Kit, Peggy – all deceased now – who lived in the North London area. I think my grandfather, John O’Shea, came from the Tralee (possibly Ballymacelligott) area because I met a nephew of his, Paddy O’Shea, there in 2001 while we were trying to research the family. He lived with Dennis and Eileen O’Shea (both deceased) in Ballymacelligott until his death in 2005.
    Does anyone recognise any names as part of their tree? Would love to hear. We hope to go on another trip to Tralee in the next few months.

    • Sandy Whitehead says:

      Hi – my grandmother was Kathleen Rose O’Shea – some of her siblings were Peg (Thompson), Jim, Tom, Teddy and Nora. They all lived in London area in 1950’s. This is my first attempt to look into the family tree – could there be a connection ?

  49. Tad Shay says:

    Great picture of Brian & Margaret. Go OSHEAs

  50. Vincent O'Shea says:

    Hi all!

    Just doing a little research today about my family. I was always told that my great-grandfather came from Kerry to Limerick, where he settled in the south east of that country near the Cork-Tipperary boarder.

    To confirm this I have the census results from 1911. I am proud to say I live in the same house as this census was taken. Even though with a couple of improvements, as it seems the house at the time was mud/clay walls and tatch roof.

    The people living there at the time were….
    James O’Shea 51
    Nora O’Shea 40
    James O’Shea 11
    Michael O’Shea 10
    Mary Rose O’Shea 9
    Patrick Vincent O’Shea 7 (My grandfather)
    William O’Shea 6
    Jermiah O’Shea 5
    Thomas O’Shea 4
    Nora Josphine O’Shea 3
    Margaret O’Shea 1

    and suprisingly

    Katie MacAullife 19 (Servant!) I suppose with all those kids around!

    I hope this might help some people or might ring some bells. I know my aunt has done some research about what happened to these family members and I must get onto her. It might also do to ask her were her grandfather/my great-grandfather orginally came from.

  51. Megan and nate o'shea says:

    we are part of the o’shea family tree we are only young but my brother and i wish to know about some relatives my grandad and grandma died a couple of years ago and we want to know if we have any relatives that we don’t know about our grandparents names were annie and michael o’shea.

  52. Dennis Shea says:

    Hello fellow O’Shea/Shea Family,
    Looking for information on my g-g-grangparents, Patrick O’Shea and (wife) Mary Galvan who lived near the village of Kenmare in County Kerry. Their 5th child, my g-grandfather John Patrick O’Shea born 03.16.1859 immigrated to the US late in the 1800’s.
    Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

  53. oshea says:

    The re-launch of http://www.irishgenealogy.ie featuring Kerry Catholic Records is a major new development. The website has records which are searchable and FREE to view. Kerry researchers take note!!!!

    Margaret Jordan

  54. James O'Shea says:

    To Dennis; post 25 Nov 2009
    I tried out the new on-line Kerry search facility and found your g-grandfather’s baptism 19 March 1859 under John Shea, born to Patrick Shea and Mary Gallivan in the barony of Dunkerron and catholic parish of Kenmare. There are 134 marriages for a Mary Gallivan listed in the 19th century but I couldn’t find any to a Patrick Shea although there are marriages to other Sheas. Perhaps you would consider joining our DNA project which may assist your search as we have quite a number of participants from the Kenmare area

    James O’Shea
    O’Shea DNA project co-administrator

  55. Matthew O'Shea says:

    Hello Margaret,
    That is a great resource. I can see that my GGfather Patrick Shea was born in Sanacasul (modern day Shanacashel, near Glencar). As I wrote in July, his parents were Humphrey Shea and Mary Foley. The records of Patrick’s older siblings (which I’ve found through this amazing new database) have Mary’s name as Foulue. Fascinating stuff.

  56. Rachael O'Shea says:

    Hi all fellow O’Sheas!!!
    I am interested in finding family but don’t much to go on but anything would be a help, so here goes My Grandfather was Joseph O’Shea, born in Limerick had a brother Paddy and sister Peggy (presumed to be Margaret). She was a nurse and did come to England (Essex, we believe) but unsure if she ever returned. Their parents were James and Elizabeth, and we believe their father moved to Canada. Also, we believe that my grandfather had another daughter in Ireland. Any information however small would be appreciated! Thanks and good luck to everyone searching too x

  57. Quentin says:

    I’ve responded to “oshea” in the About page, concerning a message posted on march 29 2007. Is there a way I can send a mesaeg directly to this person ?

  58. nzoshea says:

    Hello all,

    Our family are looking for more information about our Grandfather’s mother and her family that were O’Shea. Her name was Evelyn May O’Shea born 30 Aug 1893 and died in London on the 12 Apr 1924. Her father’s name was Christopher O’Shea who was a Custom Officer in England and we think she had two brothers called Bernard and Reginald. She married a Walter White in London in 1917. That’s all the information we have on her and her family unfortunatley, so any help would be most appreciated!!! Thankyou!

    • oshea says:


      If Christopher O’Shea was a Customs Officer, there may be service records for him. I found a useful website (see below)which talks about the records which are at the British Natinal Archives.
      other than that, British censuses could tell you where members of the family were born. I would suggest that you exhaust all UK resources before trying to connect back to Ireland.

      Margaret Jordan

  59. Caroline says:

    Hello all.

    I recently received a massive chest of old family photos from my father’s side of the family and it’s got me wondering who out there I’m related to! My Grandmother was Margaret (Peg) O’Shea and she lived in Mitchelstown, Co Cork in the 1920’s I think. She became a nurse and moved to England and then married my grandfather in South Yorkshire. Her first son, David, was born in 1944. Her family had a store in Mitchelstown called, unsurprisingly, ‘O’Sheas’!

    Does anybody out there know of the Mitchelstown O’Sheas?

  60. Lisa Shea Megna says:

    Happy New Year O’Shea Clan,
    I am the granddaughter of James Stephen Shea Sr. who immigrated to the US in 1914 and settled in Boston, Ma. His parents; Denis and Ellen(Sullivan) Shea, lived in Kenmare, Kerry as of the 1901 and 1911 census.Siblings are as follows:Cornelius(1880), Margaret(1884), Annie Josephine(1886),Patrick(1887), Ellen(1888), Julia(1891), and Mary Theresa(1893). I have records of the marriage between Ellen and Denis (1878)Parish of Kenmare, and it states both of their parents names:Cornelius and Julia Shea and Florence and Margaret Sullivan. I am looking for any cousins/second cousins of the Shea’s that stayed in Ireland (Cornelius(Con),Margaret, Mary,and Patrick. Also, if any of my great,gr grandparents names sound familiar. I have spent countless hours on irishgenealogy.ie, which holds a world of information, but with names as common as those in my family tree, it is close to impossible. I have narrowed it down by possible dates, but am reaching out in hopes that one of these names “clicks” with another family.
    Thank you so much, your site here is just amazing! PS, I do have 8 males descendants of my grandfather James that I will be contatcing about the DNA project. ❤

  61. Katriona O Shea Confhaola says:

    Hi to all the O Sheas/Sheas dispora out there!
    I am an O Shea too. My father, grandfather, great grandfather and great great granfather all came from Clahanelinehan (Cloghanelinaghan) near Caherciveen.
    My great grandfather had son Patrick born in 1885. My father thinks he emigrated to America. Patrick’s father was Daniel and his mother was Mary Donnelly. Patrick’s grandparents were James Shea and Mary Galvin. Patrick had 7 siblings, but by the 1911 census Catherine (born 20th June 1891) and James (born 23rd February 1890) had died, persumably as infants. Patrick was still living in Ireland in 1911. I hope this rings a bell with someone.

    • oshea says:

      Hi Katriona,

      Thank you for posting a comment on the O’Shea blog. I am the admin. of the blog and am also involved in the O’Shea website and yDNA Project.

      I see that you are trying to reconnect with O’Shea relatives who might be in the USA? We have several Sheas and O’Sheas in the O’Shea yDNA Project who are in the USA and who have connection to the Iveragh Peninsula. For example, Sharon Shea Bossard whose brother did the yDNA test for her family has written about her quest to reconnect with her Irish family. At the moment, on the Cahersiveen website (www.visitcahersiveen.ie), Sharon has an article: http://www.visitcahersiveen.ie/news_detail.php?item=431&full=y

      Back to your own family, have you used the website http://www.irishgenealogy.ie
      I was able to find the baptisms of all the brothers and sisters of your ancestor, Patrick Shea, on that website. I couldn’t seem to find the marriage of James Shea and Mary Galvin though.

      I would be interested in knowing more about your O’Shea line and also if you might be interested in the yDNA Project which is helping to reconnect Irish-based O’Sheas with the O’Shea diaspora.


    • Hello Katriona: Margaret O’Shea directed me to your message posted on our blog, and she also told me a bit about your family from Cahersiveen. My husband and I have made numerous trips to Cahersiveen and surrounding areas of Portmagee, Ballinskelligs, Valentia in search of records pertaining to my grandparents, born in 1859 and 1865. We’ve had the good fortune of meeting and connecting with some wonderful people. Tim Casey, Sacristan, at the Daniel O’Connell Church has become our friend and continues to keep us updated on news of the church and town. I discovered Helen McCarthy (nee Murphy) of Bahaghs townland to be a second cousin and recently discovered that my O’Shea’s originated in the Ballinskelligs area. This discovery could not have been possible without the O’Shea yDNA project. You might know the “Cap” Murphy’s from Portmagee….John “Cap” is my second cousin and his lively wife Kitty and their nine children are lovely. You can imagine my surprise at hearing the nicknames….it seems I am a “Clerk” Murphy; my grandmother Bridget Murphy was born on Ballyhearney in Valentia and one of the brothers was clerk of the St. Dorarca Church. It would be wonderful to have you participate in the yDNA project, for your father’s DNA results would be a valuable addition for all of us. I would love to hear from you, Irishgal45@gmail.com

  62. Linda M. Shay says:

    Hi to all Shays/Sheas/O’Sheas and the rest!
    I am very new to this…my first time. I am trying to research my husband, David T. Shay’s ancestors who came over from (supposedly)County Tipperary around 1847. David’s gr-grandfather was Martin Shay who was born in 1825 and married Catharine Hayes and both came from Ireland. They came to Minnesota and homesteaded 160 acres and raised 10 children. I have been trying to figure out how to find more info about them with hopes of contacting relatives in Ireland so we can visit them this fall when we plan to travel there for our first time. It is so overwhelming and confusing to try to sort out all of the various spellings of the same name…I’m not sure where to begin. Could someone give me some advice please…I would greatly appreciate it!
    Linda M. Shay
    Albany, MN

  63. Linda:

    My wife’s SHEA (O’Shea)family comes from Graystown/Killenaule, Tipperary circa 1844/1849. Martin Shea is a name found in the descendant line in the United States.

    Toni Turk
    Blanding, UT

    • Linda M. Shay says:

      Thanks for responding. I wonder if there is a connection? How does one go about finding out info in County Tipperary? I haven’t had any luck. Where did Martin Shea settle down in the US?

  64. Jessica O'Shea says:

    Hi there, my name is Jessica O’Shea. I am 16-years-old and am currently residing in Texas. I just found this website and was flabbergasted at how many O’Sheas there really are! I just wanted to leave a short little comment. Nice to see that the clan is abundant and strong! 🙂

  65. Linda:

    I attempted to embed a link directing you to the GENUKI site for Tipperary, but I’m not sure it took. Google GENUKI and County Tipperary.



    • Eileen says:

      Hi William,my gg.Grandfather John Shea, b.Waterford in 1829. He married Ellen Cronin in Newport Monmouthshire,S. Wales 1850,she came from Bandon Ireland. I believe his mother was called Ellen born Waterford, in the 1871 census aged80 years.I dont know what part of waterford they came from. Do you think you can help?

    • john kingi says:

      Just wondering if the elusive family I am tracing may have moved to Co Waterford after the births of 10 chn 1820-1840 born to Thomas and Nellie Shea [nee Miles] near Callan .. I lose them from there then .. My grt gf was Edmond born in 1829..Any Clues appreciated…DNA test results on line.. Helen O’shea Kingi NZ

    • Kayleigh says:

      Hi there William, My great grandfather was a William O’Shea from the Two Mile Bridge area in Dungarvan. I’m currently trying to gather information about him but I know he travelled to England for a number of years in the 40s before returning. Don’t know much right now about his parents but should be able to get more information. Let me know if this is of any interest to you.

  67. Baarbara Benedict says:

    Hello to all Sheas and O’Sheas. I would like to find out where in Ireland my great grandfather, Bartholomew Shea was born. Born about 1845,married to Mary Doyle, lived in Norwich, Connecticut and had 5 children: John , Mary, (1868-1936) Maggie, Ellen(1866) and Patrick

  68. Jesse O'Shia says:

    Hi, I have never met another oshia family but have recently found out its a decendent of O’Shea, My grandfather passed before my time and was the only one who knew anything about my heritage and how we got here in america. If theres any information on O’Shia I think this would be the best place to find it.

  69. johnny bourke says:

    The Borrisoleigh O’Sheas in Australia.
    James Shea Glenbreda married Elizabeth Hogan in 1833, they had 3 children Cathrine, John and martin. I believe that is family emigrated to Australia. I am sure that there are still decendents of these people living in Australia. One of those descendent’s may have sang in the Albert hall in London in the 1950’s.I am trying to get in contact with these O’sheas as they are related to me.

  70. alan says:

    Hi, i am looking for any info on a norah o’shea born in 1908 and was living in and around london in 1926 till1945 her father was john oshea,norah was married to stanley keeffe in1926 and had one child but soon after she just walked out on everything and everybody in 1930 she is living with a william henry davis (my grandfather) and has a baby girl,then in 1933 she has ababy boy (my father) james henry davis,then soon after she just disapears leaving her children and family,the next time she is seen is working in a cafe at kew gardens in london in 1945,the person who spoke to her that day went back to see her the next day and was told she had left in a hurry with two men,and that is the last news of her,she was divorced from stanley keeffe in 1935,on her daughters birth certificate her name is norah lougabriel oshea, if anybody has any info of where she was born or where she went it would be a big help,also she was a roman catholic.

  71. rita o shea says:

    hi rita o shea from lismatigue, hugginstown,co.kilkenny all o sheas in my family from frankford west, windgap, co.kilkenny. can trace back elizabeth lanigan from gortnahoe,co.tipperary.

  72. Kathy says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I am looking for the decendants of Bartholomew O´Shea of CURRAMORE , BALLINSKELLIGS. Anyone with information please contact, I am trying to piece my family history together.


  73. Phil Shea says:

    Hello O’Shea/Shea family. I’m looking for a Michael Patrick Shea from Tennessee. He would be in his early to mid 50’s, had a sister, went by the name Pat, and married a Sandra Vanderpool in 1979. I don’t have a whole lot more to go on other than I know he moved to Florida briefly in ’79-’80. If anyone has any leads on how he or his side of the family might be contacted it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  74. Peter O'Shea says:

    This is my first visit to this Blog and find it very interesting. I was born in Cobh County Cork Ireland in 1941. My parents were Patrick Humphrey O’Shea and Violet O’Shea ( Dutson ). I am trying to trace my ancestors on my maternal side. My 4 siblings are Patrick Malachy who is still with us. Regretably my sister Maureen and my brothers Michael and Frank have passed over.
    Would love to hear from anyone who knows our family.
    Many thanks.

    • Matt O'Shea says:

      Your father Pat O and my grandfather Tom O were brothers. I have some lovely pictures that I’m sure you are in that my father (also a Tom but know as Tommy in the USA) had from his visit to Cobh when he was in the US Air Force on leave over Christmas 1953. I’d be happy to share them with you. I also think Ann Avelange might be your daughter. I was just in Cobh over the Christmas holiday with Tony & Margaret in Carrighloe.
      Matt O

  75. Laura says:

    I’m looking for my nan (Nora O’sullivan former hannon) best friend named Nancy O’Shea who moved from Ireland to New Zealand. They used to be nannies together and would write to each other but lost contact. Would be amazing if I could get them back together! X

  76. kathleen preusser says:

    O’Shea – Lauragh — near Kenmare Ireland

    Info I have — fairly reliable:

    I am looking for relatives of Patrick Shea (died 1935) and Johanna Shea (died 1951) — both died in Lauragh Area (my great grandparents)

    Patrick and Johanna had 10 (?) children:

    Florie (Florence?) married Mary immigrated to NY maybe 1910-20? 4 kids
    Johanna (my grandmother) immigrated to NY married John Buckley lived in CT – 3 kids
    James immigrated to Texas 1st wife died remarried peggy no kids
    Michael – immigrated to NY married Jo
    John married Kathleen stayed on Farm in Ireland – at least 2 sons Porty (Patrick?) & Finan
    Morty (Murthimer) Died at 15 heart ailment very tall young guy
    Nelly Died at 10 – maybe scarlett fever
    Minnie believe she had child named shelia
    Patrick – Bachelor bicyclist?

    Anyone w/ information that may relate to this line of Sheas let me know. Any stories, history of family, appreciated. Very interested in this lineage.

    (Cousins Moriarity nearby in Kenmare)

    Kathleen Preusser

    • Tina Fargo says:

      I wish that I could help but my Shea ancestors were in the US from about 1847 on. I do not know where they were from in Ireland. Good Luck to you !!!

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